Branch Out with International Sports

Is it time for your sportsbook to start offering international sports betting markets?

We’re going to discuss why it’s important to diversify the markets you offer in this article as well as what international sports are the best options to add to your wagering menu.

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Why You Should Diversify the Sports Betting Markets You Offer

First off, let’s look at why you should offer international sports to wager on.

•    Higher Turnover: Generally, more turnover means more money for bookie owners. Nowadays a lot of bettors wager on a wide range of sports. If you don’t offer the markets they want to bet on, they’ll likely go elsewhere, which will hurt your turnover even more.
•    More Potential Clients: Not a lot of punters in Asia are interested in betting on the NFL, but they wager a ton on soccer markets, such as Asian handicaps. You’ll be able to market your sportsbook to a wider audience when you offer international sports to wager on.
•    More Marketing Opportunities: You wouldn’t advertise that you offer to bet on the NBA on a forum for soccer handicappers. However, when you offer international sports, such as soccer, you’ll have a lot more websites where you can potentially market your sportsbook.

Best International Sports to Target

You don’t need to offer every international sport out there. In fact, most PPH shops, such as A1 PPH only provide betting markets on the most popular international sports.

The goal is to increase your profits as well. Some of the smaller sports like volleyball only attract the sharpest action rather than casual action, which isn’t what you should be targeting.

Here are several popular international sports bookies can offer to their clients.

•    Soccer: Everyone bets on soccer. In most countries around the world, soccer is easily the most popular sport to wager on. Even many US bettors enjoy betting on soccer, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1. It’s likely some of the clients you have already betting with your sportsbook would be interested in betting on soccer.
•    Tennis: Again, US bettors wager on a lot of tennis, but it’s more popular with international bettors. Apart from the four major grand slams, there are tennis tournaments every week and bookies can earn huge amounts simply from the tennis betting turnover they have.
•    Hockey/Basketball/Baseball: The NHL, NBA, and MLB is all most bettors care about in the US, but there are multiple professional international leagues that are popular with bettors. Examples include the KHL (Russian Hockey), Nippon Professional Baseball (Japan) and the EuroLeague (Basketball). Not all PPH shops will offer odds on these leagues.

There’s plenty of upside to offering international sports at your sportsbook. Not only can turnover increase from your current player list, but you’ll open up more opportunities to grow.

There aren’t many downsides. Make sure you analyze your daily reports to make sure you’re making money on the new sports you’re offering or else you’ll need to consider making adjustments.

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