Cashing in with Online Sportsbook Referral Bonuses

By Dave Schwab

Just about everyone in the country probably has some kind of action on this year’s men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. Whether it is a couple of bucks in the local office pool or some big unit bets on the games themselves, the Big Dance is the biggest betting event of the year over the course of its three-week run.

If you are a regular sports bettor with an account at one or more offshore sportsbooks operating online, the month of March is an excellent time to build your overall betting bankroll through your book’s customer referral bonus program. Depending on your actual sports betting strategy, many of the free bet bonuses that all the sportsbooks offer on a regular basis may not work for your individual style of betting given some of the stringent rollover requirements in place to actually earn a bonus. Even if you are an avid sports bettor, most of those free bet bonuses are also aimed at attracting new customers to a particular book’s website to open an account.

The good news is that some very lucrative referral bonuses that are always up for grabs can be found at just about every one of the top sportsbooks in the Internet sports betting industry and all you have to do is spread the word among your friends, family and acquaintances to try and cash in. There are some rollover requirements that have to be met by your direct referrals if and when they do open a betting account at that book, but even if they are never met, it did not cost you anything to try.

The main reason why this time of year is a great opportunity to make an effort to find some referrals is because of all the excitement that March Madness brings to the table. If you start up a conversation about betting on the games with anyone you associate with, you are probably going to find more than one person that would love to bet on some college basketball games, but did not know where to turn.

You will also find some people that were intimidated about betting sports online and you are bound to find a few people that were not up to speed about the legality issues surrounding online sports betting in the United States. No matter what the case, there is a very good chance that if you do strike up a conversation with people that appear to be interested in getting in on some NCAA Tournament betting action, that you will be able to generate a few legitimate referrals that will follow through with an initial deposit at the sportsbook you recommended.

If you happen to find a ton of interest from a group of sports bettors, then you might want to seriously think about starting your own independent sportsbook as a local bookie, but that is a whole other topic that should be saved for another time.

Getting back to online sportsbook referral programs, as earlier mentioned they can be rather lucrative. Who would not want an extra $250 in their betting account just for passing on a name. Most of these types of bonus programs are open-ended so you can bring in as many new referrals as you want. A great starting point is to dig a bit deeper into the specifics of the referral bonus incentive at each of the sportsbooks that you already have a betting account with. Even if you only bet with one book, you will probably want to get a better understanding of all the rules and requirements surrounding how you will actually get paid for your referrals before you start making the effort to find some.

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