Choosing The Right Sportsbook For Your NFL Betting

So the first game of the NFL preseason is upon us as the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons will meet up in this year's edition of the Hall of Fame game.  You love to watch football and are the type that thinks having a little action on the game only enhances the experience. So where should you bet?

Parlays, Teasers, the right bet for NFL Preseason?

The best place to look for action this NFL season is betting online with offshore sportsbooks. Ease of use, variety, bonuses, and contests are only a few of the reasons my action is going offshore this NFL season.  So you've decided to try the offshore sportsbooks, now we have to pick which one. The offshore sportsbooks market has a lot of choices to choose from.  How do you make the best choice for your betting needs?  As someone who has wagered offshore for the better portion of 25 years, I am going to give you a few things I look for when choosing a book for my action. 


Do your homework, several sites around the internet will give you reports on books. Now don't settle on the first guy who has a complaint but look for patterns.  If you pull up a book and all you find are 50 people complaining they haven't been paid then odds are there is something wrong and you may want to look in another direction.  Now if you find one guy complaining a book gave him a raw deal then it's possible that something may be short on the player's end and more research should be done. Bottom line, it's your money, do your research as you don't want to be caught sending money to outfits that could have issues down the line. 

Bonus Bucks

If you are going to be playing the NFL on a week to week basis why not get the most bang for your buck and use a bonus from your online sportsbooks of choice. Bonus dollars are a great way to increase your bankroll no matter the size of the player you are. And there is no better time to go bonus hunting then the start of football season. Bonuses are flying around at different shops at they compete for players business this time of year. 

Betting The NFL Preseason

A good one I know I will be taking advantage of comes from Jazzsports. Jazzsports is currently offering players a 100% Welcome Cash Bonus with a 15x rollover. So, a $500 deposit nets the player an extra $500 to his bankroll, which can come in handy if you have a rough start in the early part of the season. And is even going a step further offering players that deposit between July 26th and September 3rd an extra entry into a raffle drawing for $25,000.  Players get one entry into the drawing for every $100 they deposit with new customers getting double the number of entries.  


Getting chances at extra money in a contest is another fun way to get the most for your deposit. Several books offer various contests on top of deposit bonuses this time of year. One of these years most talked about contests is being offered by MyBookie. MyBookie is offering their version of the popular Vegas Supercontest as they are featuring a $150k prize pool with a guaranteed $100k prize for the first place winner. This is one of the first of this kind contests offshore and will surely draw a good field of players gunning for the big prize.

Another popular contest that takes place every football season is at Americasbookie. Players depositing at this shop are awarded free entries into a last man standing contest with big prizes for the winners. Can you pick one winner a week in the NFL?  If you are confident you can, then this is a contest you might want to check out. Plus, Americasbookie has some great bonuses and top-notch customer service staff. This shop is high on my list of places to check out for this NFL season and is always one of my first stops. 

Odds and Prediction to Win the NFC South

What Else To Look For

I could sit here and put together what to look for and why to deposit at certain shops for a while here. The bottom line is to look at what works for you. Do your research, make sure the shop offers what lines you are looking for (sides, totals, props, exotics, whatever you fancy), and then decide what bonuses and contests you might be looking to attack. Just make sure you always do your research before depositing your hard-earned money. Nothing is fun when you realize something you don't like after the fact. 

So get your NFL predictions ready and go out and find an offshore sportsbook to do your damage. I've mentioned three in this piece that are all good places to start.