Choosing The Right Sportsbook

The time has finally come. You're ready to leap into the wonderful world of offshore sportsbooks. Or maybe you are a long term veteran who is simply in the market to choose another sportsbook for your action. 

No matter your situation, the next question many will ask themselves is how do they go about finding the right offshore sportsbook? The answer usually comes down to the individual player and what they are particularly looking for. Offshore sportsbooks today offer players plenty to choose from. You have books both big and small that can cater to players of all levels no matter what they are looking to get down action-wise. 

When most players go looking for a book or new book they are generally looking for a few things depending on the type of player: types of wagering offered, ease of deposit and withdrawal, customer service, easy to use website/mobile, and bonuses/promotions that are offered from the shop. More particular players will also look for things relating to limits and limiting reputations before becoming involved with said books. And any smart player should also look for reviews before setting up a new account. It's your hard-earned money, give it to someone with a reputation for fair play. 

Checking Out Reviews

Nowadays we check reviews on everything to movies we watch or restaurants we are looking at dining at. Why would sending your cash to an offshore sportsbook be any different? Reviews are a key part of starting any sportsbook relationship and you should seriously research them before any accounts are made. 

Battling Limits

A simple google search of BetOnline review or Intertops review will give you plenty of sites to get feedback from players both current and past. And do not just look at one, make sure you check out a few different options to make sure you are getting as good of an overall picture as possible. I cannot stress enough about how much I suggest checking out reviews. 

What Options Are You Looking For?

Another major factor will be determining what you are looking to bet on with a book. Are you a sports-only guy that only wants to bet the ballgames? Do you occasionally get the bug to venture into an online casino? These are the types of questions you want to ask yourself when you are setting up. Different shops have different options as far as sports offered. 

Some books will offer some of everything. Check out Bovada as they have a sportsbook, full casino including live dealer games, and a poker room for those looking to get a little Texas Hold Em in during halftime of the big game. No matter what you play or what your looking for a little research can help you come up with the perfect match.  

What Type Of Player Are You?

Honestly, before deciding what you are looking for in a book you should have a pretty good idea of what type of player you are. If you are a smaller player who likes to get the most fun and entertainment out of a deposit then you should probably look at some of the bonus shops as they are offering great promotions to give you the best bang for your buck. AmericasBookie is a personal favorite of mine as they always have great bonuses with a few extra contests or promotions to give me a lot for my deposit. 

The Entertainment Of Betting

Looking for big limits? Then maybe look at BetOnline as they tend to be one of the largest players in the offshore industry and routinely cater to players betting $1,000s per game. Of course, make sure you are aware of any book limits before making your deposit. 

The main point I can't emphasize enough is to do your homework. I've given you a few points to start with but you have to be sure you know what you are looking for. Sports betting can be a lot of fun in various ways just make sure you are going into the endeavor prepared.  A little homework goes a long way but for and before your betting hobby.