Chose Your Bonus

Talk to a seasoned player and mention the words bonus and many will instantly know of multiple types to ramble off the top of their head. Newer players, on the other hand, may not be quite as versed in the ways of the bonus that many offshore sportsbooks offer to players. Sports betting bonuses come in various forms from different offshore shops and even vary based on the time of year. As the industry continues to grow the creativity of promotions offered continues to expand. Let's take a look at a few different options that are commonly seen in the offshore industry.

Initial Deposit Bonus
This is usually one of the better bonuses available to players as it is contingent upon signup for a new account. The bonus is, exactly what it states, a bonus for new players that are new to the site or book. These can usually be pretty juicy depending on the time of year. JazzSports is currently advertising a 50% signup bonus for new players. No better way to build up your bankroll for the NBA and NHL playoffs than with free funds.

Bitcoin Bonus Mania

Free Bets
Same thing in that its pretty self explanatory.  Free bets can be offered for various events but usually pertain to a specific event or sport. Seen a lot for major sporting events such as the Super Bowl where offshore books will often advertise various free Super Bowl bets with a deposit for the big game.

Reduced Juice Bonus
One of my personal favorites and popularized by 5 Dimes over the years. Reduced juice lowers the vig charged on wagers. For example, say a -110 spread wager on an NBA game is lowered to -105.  $100 dollar wager that doesn't go your way saves you $5 on that particular loss. Now for one bet, the amount saved is not very much to look at, but if you are someone that plays heavy volume the savings can really add up.

Cash Back Bonus
Cashback bonuses and rebates are often associated with horse racing and casino wagers. Often, they are associated based on a percentage refunded of what you lose.  A 10% cash back on horse races refunds $10 back to the player that lost a $100 playing the ponies. I'm not a huge player of the tracks or casinos but it is always nice to get a little free money after having a rough session. 

Free Play or Cash Money... You Decide

Seasonal Promotions
This bonus is offered by books for specials at various times of the year. They are usually the most lucrative at the start of the football season as it is an offshores biggest time of year. Last year I deposited with AmericasBookie for a whopping 150% to start off the football season.  I also received several entries into a survivor pool with a hefty cash prize to the winner (not me, unfortunately).

Secret Bonus
The last bonus I am going to cover for this piece I will call the "secret bonus". This is the bonus that is not usually widely advertised but is available to specific customers or certain groups. I always recommend getting on live chat to ask your book of choice if they are offering any extra bonuses. It doesn't always work but I have had times over the years where I have been offered better bonuses than what was advertised.

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