College Football: Knowing How to Bet, Following Trends

Why Big Programs Must Cover

We all love to bet college football and we are in the thick of it. For the diehard fans this is the perfect time of year, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. We may not all bet on the same teams or root for the same teams, but we certainly do have one very big thing in common. We want to win! Winning is the objective. We love to gamble, we love the action but we want to win. Losing is never any fun and betting gets old quick when we lose.

Let’s look at three of the best programs and coaches in college football and ask some interesting questions.

  • Alabama/Nick Saban
  • Ohio State/Urban Meyer
  • Clemson/Dabo Swinney
  1. What is their winning percentage and how many games have they won with their current teams?
  2. How many games could they lose in one season and keep their jobs?
  3. Is it necessary to run up the score on bad teams, if so, why?
  4. Who are they really winning for, their fans, boosters, the media, Las Vegas, their own egos, who is it really?
  5. How do point spreads change the way in which they game plan?
  6. Do point spreads really make a difference in preparation and how seriously these three coaches take any given match up?

These are all great questions that you should know the answers to. You need to know the answers so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing to place a bet. Although you enjoy your sports gambling hobby, you also work very hard for your money. Knowing how to spend your money is vital if you want to win and win consistently.

  • Alabama/Nick Saban

What Nick Saban has done in Alabama is nothing short of miraculous, it’s truly a modern coaching marvel, and one that is unequalled by any other NCAA Division 1A coach in modern times. Saban began his tenure with The Crimson Tide in 2007. Here are the vitals:

  1. In 9 seasons, he has won 119 games with just 19 loses.
  2. A bowl game appearance every year.
  3. 8 bowl game wins.
  4. 4 national championship wins.
  5. .863 lifetime winning percentage.

Yes, we are talking about his 9 years as head coach in Alabama, but just for good and shocking measure let’s throw in his entire college coaching record, covering his 22 years, including Toledo, Michigan State, LSU and Alabama. Out of those 22 years combined, Saban’s overall win/loss record is 211-61.

  • Ohio State/Urban Meyer

Urban Meyers record speaks for itself. Nobody can argue his consistency and his wins vs. loses. This guy has won and been a perineal winner at every school he has coached, Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State.

  1. 16 years coaching, 166 wins 29 loses.
  2. Since 2012 as head coach of Ohio State, 6 loses.
  3. 9 bowl game wins.
  4. 3 national championship wins.
  5. .912 lifetime winning percentage.
  • Clemson/Dabo Swinney

Dabo Swinney is relatively a new comer as a head coach in comparison to Meyer and Saban. He has exploded onto the scene with already, legendary status. Here is why:

  1. Since 2008 with Clemson, he has put together a win loss record of 90-28.
  2. 7 bowl game wins.
  3. 2 national championship wins.
  4. .763 lifetime winning percentage.

What these three coaches have accomplished is beyond comprehension in its own rite, these coaches have proven themselves to be the best of the best and their numbers simply can’t be argued.

Covering Big Spreads: Why, it is important to these programs.

  • Their boosters pay a lot of money to see them win and win big. If they are not consistent against big Las Vegas numbers; it appears they are failing. Booster can’t have this, they contribute big bucks and they have a lot of power. Coaches jobs can quickly be on the line.
  • All three programs pay their respective coaches an enormous salary, their jobs are to win and win big. They must put the hammer down week in a and week out, even against small schools, or the boosters will come headhunting.

Why boosters are so important?

  • All three programs are old with a rich and storied football history. The boosters tend to bring a ‘good ole boy” element. They control where money goes and how its spent and used. They are also very aware of the BCS rankings. They know good and well that scoring a lot of points matters, especially on small schools. Big schools; they need and must cover the spread, small schools, they need to throttle them with no mercy and never take their foot off the gas!

When betting this year, remember this:

Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson must cover. Their head coaches are aware of the point spread and they want to cover every single game. They game plan around it and they prepare for covering the big spread or the close spreads. It matters for the boosters, it matters for the playoffs and it matters to the program at large. Have fun this year and check out your favorite online sportsbook for the best odds, scores and stats.

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