Customer Service Experience at America’s Bookie

One reason why sports bettors enjoy the betting experience with small to medium-sized bookies is that the customer service is often excellent, especially when compared to bigger bookmakers.

At big bookmakers, you’re typically just a number. Big bookies provide player support, but it often takes a lot of time and requires contacting multiple departments to receive answers.

For example, if you contact a big bookie about a payout that should have been processed, you’re often going to be told that it has been sent and to just wait until the transaction processes.

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With a bookie like America’s Bookie, you’ll be able to contact decision makers immediately and have any problems you have dealt with in a timely manner. I’ve found America’s Bookie to be more flexible than the bigger bookies as well. You’re not going to receive a cut and paste response from support.

In many ways, America’s Bookie player support is also more readily available. Some of the big shops only provide support during office hours, whereas America’s Bookie offers 24/7 support.

How to Contact America’s Bookie

There are several ways to contact America’s Bookie customer service team. You can choose any of the available methods below to contact support and have any questions answered promptly.

•    Telephone: 1-877-482-6948 (Toll-Free)

•    Email:

•    Live Chat

I recommend using telephone support if you need assistance quickly. If you aren’t in a rush for an answer to your questions, then you can opt to use email support. Email support is also ideal when you require a detailed response, as you’ll have the answer in writing and can refer back to it.

Existing and prospective players can also utilize a live chat feature powered through ZenDesk. You can access the live chat form from any page on the America’s Bookie website. In the bottom left on your screen, you’ll see a “Chat With Us” button that’ll open up the live chat feature.

There is also a “Get Support” button located in the menu on America’s Bookie when you’re signed into your account. If you click this link it’ll launch a new tab where you can sign-in to your account and receive support from one of the customer service clerks that are available 24/7.

For the most part, you’re not going to need to contact customer service at America’s Bookie. They run a great sportsbook and I have never had a problem with them in my many years with them.

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The one thing I enjoy, though, is that support is only a click away. When you contact support they are knowledgeable and can offer you assistance without having to contact other departments.

You’ll notice with other bookies that support can’t even help you with your problems. They note down your issue and tell you that you’ll be contacted by another department. In my experience, you’ll often be waiting a long time to receive a response to your problem. 

If you value customer service and prefer getting to know your bookie, rather than being just a number, I can’t recommend America’s Bookie enough for sports bettors.