Customer Service Experience at Pinnacle

Pinnacle Sports has been operating for more than twenty years (1998). In that time, the sportsbook has had multiple owners, but the customer service experience has always been top-notch.

One of the reasons why Pinnacle is so popular in the industry is because they have always offered excellent odds (often the best) and they rarely limit sports bettors for winning.

The majority of online bookmakers will limit you after a few sharp bets. They don’t even care if those wagers win, they’ll simply limit you to nothing or outright restrict you for placing value bets.

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I won’t get into the topic too much, but you can read about bookies limiting players on many of the betting forums online. Pinnacle Sports has rarely limited sports bettors.

If you bet on popular sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL, you’ll likely never be limited. I have read some stories where bettors have had limits cut on less popular sports such as volleyball.

How to Contact Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports has done a great job building a community. They sponsor a lot of events, including eSports competitions, which has done a great job at continuing to build up their player base.

The sportsbook is also active on social media. They regularly update their Facebook and Twitter accounts with excellent betting content and are responsive on both networks to questions.

You can find Pinnacle Sports on Twitter at @PinnacleSports or on Facebook at @PinnacleSports.

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The primary customer service contact for the account, payment and betting questions/concerns is through email. You can email 24/7 to receive assistance.

Pinnacle customer service is extremely responsive. I’ve been betting with them for nearly a decade and have never had problems with them, which I can’t say for most online bookmakers.

Pinnacle Sports also has a live chat feature on the website where you can talk with a rep. To launch the live chat app on Pinnacle’s website, you need to visit the “Contact Us” page.

On the “Contact Us” page, there’s also an email form. You can enter your email and question into a form and then select the most appropriate department to send the email to.

The top online bookmakers all excel at customer service. Pinnacle Sports is no different.

Another feature at Pinnacle I want to touch on is the betting resources. While not customer service related, the betting resources are a nice feature you won’t find anywhere else.

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Pinnacle Sports regularly publishes in-depth betting information and data on a range of topics on their website. All of the betting content can be found in the “Betting Resources” section.

Recently, Pinnacle Sports also launched a YouTube channel and Soundcloud Podcast. 

The Podcast has been great so far and offers unique insights into life at Pinnacle and the betting industry. They have done interviews with some great handicappers that you should listen to.

Pinnacle Sports has done a great job at not only offering excellent customer service 24/7 but also at building a community of sports bettors across multiple social media networks.

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