Deciding A Book

So you've decided you're going to take the plunge and fire a deposit into an offshore sportsbook. You are an MLB fan, love the NBA playoffs and are ready to get a little action on the games. Unless you're a seasoned veteran you may be asking yourself how to choose a book and think what you should be looking for from that book. Me personally, I am looking for a variety of things when choosing a sportsbook. Especially if I am looking at only being funded at one or two. Here are a few things you should take into account when searching for an offshore sportsbook to do your damage.  


Obviously, the number one thing most should be concerned with is the ability to get paid. You want to know your funds are secure and when the times comes you will get paid. There are various sportsbook review sites and payouts reports scattered across the internet to help in your decision. And do not just take the first one you come across as fact. Some of these sites are paid by books to make recommendations. Try to find a variety of resources for your research. You want to gamble on games not whether you will be paid when you win. 

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And it's not just will you get paid but there is also a level of ease and how quickly factor involved. With the rise of BTC, payouts from many books have been expedited greatly. What used to take weeks or even months sometimes now is accomplished in days or even hours. 

Customer Service

While most will agree with payouts being the single most important factor when choosing a book number 2 for me is usually customer service. Things are going to occasionally happen where you may need to be able to interact with a representative from the book. And nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a slow, rude, or lacking knowledge customer service agent. It should not take you a week and multiple inquiries to get an answer to a question regarding your rollover or payout status. Look for books that treat their punters as actual clients and want to go above and beyond to earn their business. 


While you may be looking for somewhere to bet sports, stop and think a moment about what you may want to do down the line. Say you used to love to play poker but can't find a game nowadays. Or blackjack is your game but the nearest casino is 8 hours away. Then look for books that offer a variety of wagering options in addition to sports. A good example of this is BOVADA. Not only do they have an expansive sportsbook with plenty of options across a variety of sports but they also host one of North America's largest poker networks featuring tournaments, ring games, and sit n go's. In addition, they have a full array of casino-style games including blackjack, slot machines, roulette, and all your favorites. This truly is a one-stop shop for gamblers of all kinds.  

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Do Your Homework

The bottom line is to do your homework and know what works best for you. There are a lot of good books out there with each having something to offer the players. A little research beforehand will ensure you get the most for your experience and help you avoid the bad apples in this industry.

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