Expect the Unexpectable Betting Late Season NFL Games

By the time the NFL regular season schedule reaches late November, it becomes easy to spot the contenders who can make a legitimate Super Bowl run. It also becomes easy to weed out the teams that are more concerned with next year’s draft.

The teams in between these two groups is what makes betting NFL games so interesting this time of the year. Two key phrases bettors need to remember over the final six weeks of the season is “there is no such thing as a lock” and “any given Sunday”.

Even the best teams in each conference can quickly find themselves in a tooth and nail battle against a team they were easily supposed to beat. You may think that the worst teams are simply riding out the string once they are out of contention for a playoff spot. This is still a professional sports league where players and coaches are always battling for their jobs. 

Finding the BEST odds to win Super Bowl LIV

Having a clear edge in overall talent is what wins games in the NFL along with a few lucky breaks and bad calls. Favored teams do not win games due to a lack of effort from their opponent. 

Two other big factors at this point of the season are weather in outside games and a team’s overall injury situation. Have accurate reports for each is a crucial tool in the NFL handicapping toolbox.

Another popular phrase this time of year is “must-win games”. It becomes a numbers game as the season wears on. All four division winners in each conference earn a guaranteed playoff spot regardless of the division winner’s overall record. 

Bettors need to study each team’s year-to-date trends within its division when betting any head-to-head matchup between division foes. Some of those eight races have probably been decided but there are always a few tight races still on the board.

The other two playoffs spot up for grabs are the two wild-card spots in each conference. It is fairly easy to track the current playoff situation in each race and it does become important to know most of the possible scenarios when betting the games. 

Sometimes there are actual “must-win” games that do mean the difference between making or missing the postseason. If the team that has to win that game also has solid playing form, it could be a high-value play.

Following Power Rankings For Your Betting Strategy

More weight should be added to late-season winning streaks. The general of thumb is to stick with a hot team until it cools. Even more important NFL betting advice is to stick with a hot team down the regular-season stretch, especially if they are in playoff contention.

The best NFL handicapping advice this time of the year is to trust your own ability to break down games. There are multiple ways that outside sources can influence your betting decisions. Unless you are buying picks from a trusted professional source that has a winning track record to date, your ability to pick a winner is as good as anyone else. 

Logic dictates that it should be easier to pick winners late in the season given all the stats, facts, and betting trends that are already in the books. The most important aspect of late-season games is one team’s motivation to win against the motivation of the team it will face.