Futures or Props | What generates the Revenue?

No matter what sport it is that gamblers bet on, they want options. It’s your job to offer them a great wagering menu filled with choice. You don’t need to overwhelm the gambler, just let them know that your sportsbook has options and they come in the form of future and prop bets.

As the busy season looms large, gamblers are looking to make deposits. The fact of the matter is this, 90 % of all deposits made – the client stays with that sportsbook for the remainder of the season. What you must do is prove to your potential depositors that you are the real deal. 

You can’t let these folks walk before the season starts. Give them every reason to believe you are the sportsbook of choice for all of their gaming needs. Give them plenty of sports to wager on and give them a fantastic wagering menu. You simply can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to the matter of retention. Player infidelity is the leading cause of death for the bookie. If you don’t offer it, they will go where they can get it. Don’t allow this to happen this year. Find a great ‘pay per head that comes with a fantastic reputation and change your life this season.

Future Bets

●    Future bets are a great way to score revenue without lifting a finger, so you must offer them, however, there is a risk factor involved so you must do your homework and you need to proceed with caution.

●    Example: (Denver Nuggets +1800 to win the 2019-20 NBA Championship). This bet means that for every $100 played by the bettor, they win $1800 if the Nuggets win the NBA Title. (BTW, Real-time number). Look, the NBA has undergone an enormous amount of shakeup over the offseason, Golden State lost Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers and many other very big trades. The Nuggets had a solid season last year and they have added players. This team may be better than what the oddsmakers think.  

●    What if a player of yours wants to bet $1,000 on the Nuggets, where do you stand? $18,000 is a big payout next June and it’s an especially big payout in the slow season. 

●    This example can be used for all professional sports and is proof that you should be cautious. Of course, you want the $1,000, and if the Nuggets are looking great in the playoff you can always lay-off the bet. The point is-be careful and plan your finances accordingly. Do not refuse future bets. When is there any other time that players will call you up and give you basically free money? 

Prop Bets

●    Prop bets are the special bets on each event, every day. Nearly every sport offers them, and you must offer them if you want to make a great side income. Don’t let anybody talk you out of offering prop bets. 

●    Sports gamblers are faithful to the cause – to a point! They love gambling on sports but more than this, they love action, they want to be entertained and they want to think they have a real chance to make a lot of money while being entertained—this is their entertainment.

How to Get Ready for Football Season as a Bookie

●    You must give them betting options and proposition wagers are a great way to offer daily options. You should absolutely be offering prop wagers on all of the major sports as well as MMA, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and many others. You are simply losing out on a very large source of income by not offering props.     

●    You’re a small-time bookie, how can you offer futures and props and stay organized and adjust to the ever-changing odds?     

There is one clear-cut path for you to follow and that’s by choosing to do business with a pay per head. The pay per head provider offers a turnkey solution for bookies and comes with no-download software. At the click of a mouse, you have everything a bookie needs to operate a full-service online sportsbook, racebook, and Las Vegas-style casino. The best news of all; it’s affordable. For $10 per head, you are in. Find a top-notch PPH provider today and ask for their 4-week free trial. If you want that six-figure income, you can now have it.

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