Gambler's Report 4/10/2018

Plenty has happened in the sports world since our last update.  Villanova has won a national championship by dominating the gauntlet known as March Madness. The NHL and NBA are quickly winding their regular seasons down to a finish while MLB is off and running in full force.  But alas, another week and we have yet to hear a decision from the Supreme Court regarding the current state of gambling in the US. 

NBA Playoffs 
The NBA season is reaching its conclusion with only 1-2 games remaining for teams before the postseason. The Eastern Conference has its 8 teams locked in for the playoffs with only the seeding for a few teams left to be decided in these final few games. Toronto has locked up the #1 seed while the walking wounded Celtics will be the #2. 

NBA playoff picture

The Western Conference has a little drama remaining as the Minnesota Timberwolves will host the Denver Nuggets in the final game of the season with the number 8 seed on the line and a chance to take on the NBA's number one seed in the Houston Rockets. 

The Warriors are still the favorites to hoist the trophy at the end of the season at +115 but the Rockets are right behind them at +185. The Cavaliers at +695 and Raptors at +830 represents the Eastern Conferences best odds. 

Is the Long Wait a Bad Sign?

It has been four months since the arguments were heard regarding the federal law that prohibits sports betting in all but four states in the US. At the time of the arguments, many believed it was only a matter of when the law would be repealed rather than if it would. But as we continue to wait in limbo there is a growing concern among those wishing for repeal that they may not get the opinion they seek. 

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It could just be a backlog of cases as there were several that were heard prior to New Jersey's case and many of those are awaiting opinions as well. The next date to circle on your calendars is April 30th as it is the most likely date to publish an opinion. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all goes as hoped. 

MLB Swinging Away

The MLB Season is approximately 10 games in and except the numerous games being postponed due to snow in April everything is off and running. The defending World Series champion Houston Astros are off to a hot start at 9-2 while the Dodgers may be shaking a little runner up rust at 3-6. 

The Astros are the current favorites to repeat at +435 followed by the Yankees(+605), Dodgers(+775), and Indians (+830). The lowly Marlins are still bringing up the rear at +85,000 as their 3-7 start has given little hope to fans or oddsmakers. 

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Offshore Report

All quiet with the major players in the industry as it appears BetOnline has gotten their act together with website issues. Saw a complaint with issues of payment from MyBookie but it was eventually resolved with the client getting his money(although it did take approximately 6 weeks). It gets frustrating when you are not only having to sweat bets made but then sweating the payout for 6 weeks after can be rough. 

Bitcoin is still miles away from the fastest way to receive your cash when dealing with offshore books but with the coins recent volatility, there is a whole new risk factor involved. Make sure you weigh your options and are comfortable with the books you are using and the withdrawal methods they are offering. 

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