Gambler’s Report- Sports Betting Front and Center

Another week flies by in the world of sports wagering.  Plenty of action has occurred over the recent days for fans and gamblers of several sports. A weekend chock full of college football upsets was to be had in week 7 as four teams in the top 10 fell.  The Patriots let the upstart Chiefs know the AFC was not theirs for the taking quite yet winning an ultra-exciting tilt over the Chiefs on Sunday night. Mayweather and Khabib have starting jawing to test the waters and see if fans will again fork over the money to watch a boxer take on an MMA fighter. And sports betting technology took center stage at the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.  Time to dive right in and take a quick look around the industry in this week's Gambler's Report.

Global Gaming Expo

It is usually a pile of casino companies and hundreds of companies pitching their products to be placed in those casinos.  This year was a little different, however, as sports betting was one of the dominant topics for the expo where it was generally just an afterthought in previous editions.

And one of the hot topics with tons of new tech coming to market involved in-play wagering. In-play wagering has been very popular in Europe but is still relatively new in the US betting market.  Along with being newer, the technology in the states has lagged drastically behind what is available overseas in Europe. IGT debuted a few various Kiosks and technology that look to make the in play experience more user-friendly.  This tech includes terminals that will allow only what action you want to watch and you will be able to place wagers directly from the screen. You will also be able to set a fixed wager amount (which could be helpful in some of the faster-moving sports). It still has to go thru some field trials before it's in casinos but rest assured it is on the way.

Florida Amendment 3 Battle Heats Up

On 11/6 Florida will be voting on whether to approve Amendment 3. The measure would provide voters with the "exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling in the State of Florida."  Basically,  they want to make any additional gambling allowed in the state have to be approved by a complete vote that would need 60%  to approve. This would naturally be tough to achieve in any general election.  Amendment 3 is backed heavily with finances from Walt Disney and the Seminole tribes who think it could possibly take cash out of their pockets from the competition.  And of course, Florida makes it excessively confusing to understand. Let's hope voters do not give the necessary votes to put this one on the books.  If they do, get ready for the legal fight that will surely ensue.

Offshore Report

Payout reports around various areas all look pretty clean for October thus far. Busy time still in effect for books and most should be flush with cash.

Tragic news in the offshore world this week as seeing reports where the owner of 5Dimes sportsbook has been kidnapped and has been missing since the evening of September 24th. Local papers are reporting he was ambushed while driving home after work. Like many others in the gambling world here's hoping for a safe return to his family. 5Dimes management has released a statement regarding the incident.

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