How Ace Per Head Stacks Up Against The Competition

The sports betting industry is slowly returning to life following the recent shutdown. Betting options for international soccer, NASCAR, the PGA Tour, MMA fighting and boxing are all on the board. As a private bookie, now is the time to sign on with a pay per head bookie services provider that can help you rebuild your sports betting business.

One of the hard lessons learned during this shutdown was the heavy reliance on sports betting to generate weekly revenue. Pay per head sites such as Ace Per Head have been touting the benefits of developing an online racebook for horse betting along with an online casino for real money gambling for the past several years.

In business since 1997, Ace had perfected their software solutions for each of these viable revenue streams. This is just one of the reasons why this pay per head site continually adds value to the low weekly per head fees charged for each of your active betting customers.


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There are any number of other ways how Ace stacks up against the competition and wins every time. The following list of attributes posted on the company website makes this competitive edge easy to see. Learn how to switch to Ace.

Building Your Customer Base

Ace has designed particular features into its pay per head package that can help you grow and expand your customer base. Many of these features are designed to attract sports bettors to your online betting site. Usage across the network, real time betting data and tracking betting devices are a few examples.

Working with a professional account manager, you can optimize your pay per head fees with proven techniques to market all the products and services you decide to offer.

Trust & Discretion

Very few pay per head sites talk about increasing the level of discretion in running and managing your own private bookmaking service. This carries over to Ace’s in-house call center for customer service.

All the information in the operating system’s database is protected with multiple levels of online security.

Contact information from your customer base is limited to a player ID and personal password. A high level of internal anonymity safeguards all of your business’s personal information.

Professional Online Presence

When you sign on with Ace Per Head, you will have immediate access to an in-house IT staff. You can go with a variety of mobile-friendly online skins to build your online business presence. You can also opt to go with a completely custom look through your own bookie website.

How you choose to create a professional online presence is completely up to you. Ace simply provides a team of software technicians to build and maintain your online site.

Building Your Betting Board

This could be the most crucial aspect of your online bookie business. Ace can help you build a betting board that would rival the boards at the big commercial online sportsbooks. You will always have complete control as far as the betting options you choose to offer.

Utilizing the best oddsmaking services in the industry, Ace has a steady feed of betting odds and lines that can be added to the board at your discretion. Their casino and racebook options rival anyone in the industry.

Ace also gives you complete control of your board in terms of line movements and changes. They can be instituted across the board for your entire betting base or on an individual account basis along with specific betting and credit limits.