How Can I make Money with a PPH Service?

Sports gambling is an ever-growing phenomenon around the world and there are no signs of slowing. In fact, quite the opposite. While the business is growing and seemingly doubling every year, gamblers are figuring out an even better way to make big money, and that’s by becoming bookies themselves. Why not? Who is anymore in the know about all-things sports gambling than sports gamblers? Exactly! Sports gamblers certainly don’t know everything about being a bookie and thousands would never want to be a bookie, they are perfectly happy trying to beat the sportsbook and they love the action of sports betting. That’s all fine and good, but for the ones that are tired of the grind and want a chance to make great money in the sports gaming industry, there is an alternative and it’s with the use of a great PPH.

How to make money with a PPH?

First let’s talk about the role of a bookie, what is their job exactly, what do they do on a daily basis?

Best PPH Services for 2019

*Bookies take on many roles, they wear many hats, and their number one job is to be all things, to all people, all of the time. This is not easy and in fact, it can be a downright daunting task. Take a look at a few of the many responsibilities of a bookie.

•    Prepare, set, and offer the daily lines for each sporting event, and/or games for that day. 

•    Have a working phone number, email or better yet-a website, where you can be contacted by each of your betting clients, so they can ask you about the lines and the odds for the individual events and games.

•    Setting futures odds for each respective sports that you are going to offer futures odd on. This does not have to be done daily but it certainly should be looked at daily. The world of professional sports changes at a moment’s notice and a bad line can kill you later on in the season. You must stay on top of every future line you offer. 

•    Grading each day's bet slips. Your clients want to be paid when they win a bet and most of them will want to make new bets with their winnings. You must be prepared to have their event/game graded within five minutes after said event is finished. 

NOTE: There are two main causes for players to leave you and go to the competition—1. Not getting paid quickly and efficiently. 2. Ungraded bet slips. Players want their bets graded, it’s important to them and it must be a priority to you.

•    Knowing how much money you have! You must know on a daily basis how much you have to work with, how much you can afford to lose and how many bets and at what level you can allow players to play. Example: if you have $5,000 in the till, that’s it, no more not one penny more to your name. There is no money in a bank somewhere or in savings or under the mattress--- you have $5,000. You must access your risk level. You can’t possibly allow yourself to be in a position to lose all $5,000. You must figure out how much of your net worth that you can afford to lose on a daily basis. You must set a tight budget and stick to it. 

•    Setting daily player limits. You need your clients and you want them betting with you as much as possible, but you must qualify the bettor and you must not let them bet more than you personally can afford to lose.

•    You must make sure that the way in which your clients reach you in order to place their bets; you must make sure that’s it up, running and fully functional during your set business hours. If you are operating a website then you must make sure that your website is never down and always 100% fully-functional. 

•    You must be spreading the word. You want new clients, you depend on new clients and cross-action. You make money on the juice, so you must have people betting both ways on not just big events, but everyday sporting events. 

•    You must be offering more than simply sports betting. You must offer a fantastic Las Vegas-style casino with all of the latest in slot machines, table games, and live dealers. You also want to offer a world-class racebook. One that offers the 75 great tracks from around the world. Horse racing is a stabilizer to any bookies business, you must offer it.

So you want to be a bookie! There is a lot of work involved but a lot of big rewards if you run this business like a pro. Operating an online sportsbook is the smartest way to go and the best way in which to get the operation started is by using a great PPH or pay per head service

What Should You Expect from a Price Per Head Service

The beauty of signing on with a PPH is that every responsibility as describes for the bookie above, all of those responsibilities are covered by the PPH. You have to do nothing! The PPH takes care of the work for you and you literally watch your portfolio grow.

A PPH charges per head and the reputable pay per head providers charge anywhere from $10-$15 per head. The way it works is like this; every client you have that bets with you will be charged $10-$15 per head. You pay for this cost. This is a one-time fee per week when the client makes the first bet. ---When the client makes the first bet, the fiscal week for that client has started. You only pay the one-time fee and the client may place as many bets as they like for the rest of the week. You are charged the one time. 

The PPH is your personal accountant, they do everything for you. They set the daily lines, they show you every dollar you took in and every dollar you shipped out in losses. The literally do everything beyond recruiting players. 

Now, you have time to recruit your own players and spend less time doing the grunt work of a bookie. Sign up today and get a turnkey ready-online sportsbook and casino. You can have your players dialing up your ready-made website tonight for no upfront cost. Find a great PPH provider and get started now, for free, and learn how to make big money as a bookie. 

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