How Easy Is It To Get Paid at BetAnySports?

When somebody signs up with an online sportsbook, they are often concerned with some of the "extras" the establishment has to offer. This may include things like bonuses (and their accompanying cashouts), VIP programs, a variety of games, tournaments, etc. 

But one of the major considerations needs to involve the ease of getting money out of your account, either periodically or all at once, because that is going to tell you a lot about the organization. Simply put, it is going to be a clear indication of how much regard they have for the customer. If you find that they are consistently taking longer than they had promised, or if you are frustrated getting help in having your issue resolved than that is a sign that they are MUCH more concerned with taking your money than paying it out to you. 

The Customer Service Experience at BetAnySports

The people behind BetAnySports understand this situation, and that is from being on both sides of the equation. They know full well that a problem in making withdrawals is one of the things that really has the potential to turn off customers. And they are absolutely determined not to let things like that happen. 

So they have established a company-wide edict that they will not stop working until they have firmly established themselves as the people who faster than anyone else. And they believe it is actually one of their best marketing tools; in fact, they've built their business on the reputation they have developed as a consumer-friendly, ultra-responsive enterprise. 

Indeed, BetAnySports payouts are so fast and efficient that it makes customers want to keep coming back. 

Let's run down the various methods through which you can receive a payout: 

You can request a CHECK. When this happens, that check (with a value between $1000 and $3000) can be processed and sent to you by courier no later than 48 hours following such request. There may be some fees associated with it if FedEx handles the delivery. 

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies at BetAnySports as Deposit Options

You can also get a BANK WIRE of any amount between $1000 and $3000. They'll take only 4-6 business days to arrive in your account, with a flat fee of $80. That is both very fast for this industry and very inexpensive. 

A PERSON-TO-PERSON payout can also be executed, with a maximum payout per transaction of $760. Two payments per week via this method are allowed, though they recommend limiting yourself to one. There's a fee of $30-$70 attached, and this works quickly, as you can receive your reference number 24-48 hours after processing. 

There are certain circumstances in which you can be entitled to a payout that can be made without a fee. Check with the BetAnySports website, go to "Banking" and then the "Payouts" tab. 

One withdrawal method very popular for many customers is the virtual currency of BITCOIN. And in this particular instance, you wouldn't have to worry about any fees at all. And if you have deposited exclusively through Bitcoin at BetAnySports, there won't be any limit on the amount of money you can withdraw. You can often be paid within 24 hours, which is sensational. 

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When you have made a deposit using a CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD, the only requirement to have your payout processed is that your account is verified. In other words, they just have to confirm that your card-related deposits have cleared, and get a picture ID and picture of your card (front only).

And remember that you can always contact Customer Service at 1-800-604-5922 to find out which payout method might be best for you, and whether your account qualifies for it.