How Easy It Is to Get Paid at Pinnacle

In the end, what do players want from an online sportsbook? Sure, they love getting great odds and a wide selection on the menu. They like it when the interface is very easy to navigate, and that there is a casino at their disposal so they can get a little variety. 

But when it really comes down to it, customers want to be paid in a timely fashion. They like to play games, but those games are of the baseball, football or blackjack variety. They aren't interested in playing games with the sportsbook they have given their money to, and more importantly, they don't want their sportsbook playing games with THEM. 

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And that is why, if there are points to be scored in this particular area, Pinnacle Sports scores high. It isn't an accident either; it comes because they have had extensive experience in dealing with some of the most discriminating patrons on earth. And those players don't have any patience for anything less than the full attention of the people who owe them. 

But it's much more than that; Pinnacle understands that customer service is an essential part of the marketing mission because it helps an organization hold on to its clientele. In that way, it is no different than other great organizations such as Zappos, who have built a reputation on supporting customers. 

You see, there are some sportsbooks that look at a withdrawal strictly as a matter of a customer taking money OUT of operation and treat it as such, as their indifferent attitude makes it as slow and problematic as possible. 

But forward-thinking entities see it differently; they see it as a transaction whereby they are servicing a customer who will later put money back into the operation. And when you have that attitude, you are going to treat things accordingly. 

Hence their perception of payouts as a marketing function, as it is a way to promote future business. 

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Pinnacle has done a tremendous job of getting repeat business, which has helped them achieve status as a "prestige" operator, as well as the respect of some of the more experienced sports bettors in the industry

If, say, you were using the Canadian dollar, you would have a virtual plethora of ways to make a deposit at Pinnacle. And almost every one of those methods can be used to get paid by way of withdrawal. 

One of the more popular ways to transact business in the online gaming world these days is to use Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is sent through person-to-person transactions. As you can imagine, if Bitcoin is used, the transactions themselves are going to be very fast, and when you are doing business with Pinnacle, you can count on getting your money within 24 hours when you put through a request for withdrawal up to $2750. 

It is also very easy to get your money through some of the e-wallet options that are available. One of those is much better, which is readily available to be downloaded by Canadian customers. Payments made through E-Cheques are very quick as well, as they can be executed within 24 hours. It's just a matter of going to the "Cashier" and following the instructions for a withdrawal, then clicking "Submit."

Instadebit is another very fast payment method. It's a lot like paying someone - or getting paid - with a check online, and it is something that will work for Pinnacle customers to get their money - up to $20,000, in fact - within a 24-hour period. 

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Bank wires are available for these transactions, but getting paid may take up to five business days. Still, that is not a long time when compared with a lot of the leading sportsbooks out there. And "Instant Banking" is almost just that; the deposits are almost instantaneous, and the withdrawal process takes one or two business days at most. 

Keep in mind that Pinnacle works with about 25 different currencies, so the outlets and processes may vary according to which currency you choose. But the bottom line is that if you are doing business with Pinnacle, you are doing business with the pros, and the pros know that getting you taken care of is a top priority!