How Gambling Companies Are Using SMS Marketing To Increase Revenue

Online betting companies are using more and more SMS text messaging to market to their current clients. 

Some of the gaming companies we interviewed saw an increase in the response rate with their sms campaign compared to email marketing.

SMS is lightning quick and will literally buzz gamblers within a matter of seconds. What’s more, mobile owners typically open text messages within three minutes of receipt. This is advantageous to betting companies on a couple of levels. 

Let’s say you’re running a time-sensitive promotion and want an immediate response from your customers. 

Various authoritative sources around the web confirm SMS campaigns regularly achieve a high read percentage - some as much as 98%. 

High open rates are due to the dopamine effect, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the brain that is associated with rewards. SMS alerts are often recognised as a potential reward. 

Furthermore, 75% of US consumers say they are happy to receive text messages from brands. And with a response rate of 45%, a large number of consumers are willing to take brands up on your offer. 

Due to these advantages with SMS, gaming companies are sending promotions like deposit bonuses and contests via SMS to their clients. Pay per head sportsbooks are also using SMS to increase loyalty.

They send alerts via SMS to their agents if they need to communicate something urgent or if they are running a contest.

If you are the owner of a casino or a sportsbook, you should give text message marketing a try.  Some of the best sms marketing companies can be found here.