How Much Money do you Need to Become a Bookie?

The money debate: There is a misconception that often befalls conversation within the ranks of normal people that are thinking about starting a bookie service; everybody tends to think they can’t afford to be a bookie. There is a common misnomer that says “all bookies are rich”. Think about this – If you are a gambler, who would you rather gamble with, a bookie that never loses, or a bookie that often loses? Of course, the fear would be that a poor bookie would be the last guy to pay his debts, so who wants to bet against a poor bookie? As a bookie, you must not think in these terms. Clients shouldn’t have any idea whether you are rich or poor, this is simply none of their business. You do not have to be rich to be a bookie, you don’t even have to have a lot of money, all you need to become a bookie is a great price per player service.  

First thing is first

PPH services such as PricePerPlayer, have come along and made the process of becoming a bookie affordable and easy. In fact, the PPH providers have changed how online bookies do business entirely. The prices have dropped by more than 50% over the last 15-years. The demand for great PPH providers has shot through the roof and fortunately for bookies, the competition is fierce. This keeps the prices reasonable. 

Pay Per Head Services: Go Mobile or Go Home!

The PPH providers have come up with fantastic bookie software that does everything a bookie would want and much more. The software program is the bookie and most PPH providers have made their software desktop ready. You download or install nothing you do not need the ability to program, site build or for that matter, you don’t need any marketing skills. Marketing skills are helpful and as time goes by, you will learn the skills necessary to advertise your online bookie site. 

An Online Presence

The last thing you need to worry about as a bookie is money, and we will explain why in the next paragraph. What you must have from the beginning, is an online presence and for one basic reason – your existing clients. You must appeal top them on a 24/7 basis and you simply can’t fo this if you are a “corner bookie”. Street bookies (corner bookies) have been around for a long time and what they do has been relevant to their existing base. The problem is, those clients have discovered your competition and they realize those folks are offering an online gambling experience 24/7. They can log in, and bet at any time of day or night, they no longer have to call you, the bookie. You can’t let this happen. With a price per head, you get the full monty all rolled into one for a very fair price per player. You basically do nothing, now you have the time to hone your marketing skills.


No matter how much you pay, per head for the service of a PPH you will quickly ask yourself how did I ever live without this? The price can be between $7-$15 depending on the level of service and you need no start-up capital. What you need is a bankroll to cover your bets.

How to Become the Best Bookie?

Qualify Yourself

Bookies can start a bookie business with $100 or they can start at $100,000! What you must do is qualify yourself and know how much you can allow players to spend on individual bets and what types of bets that you are going to offer. 

There is a new dawn in the world of online sportsbooks and it’s affordable. With PPH providers like PricePerPlayer, you can’t lose, and they will have your back every step of the way. Call them, ask for a free trial and start earning a fantastic income as a bookie. 

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