How to Become a Sports Bookie?

In an ever growing, online sports-betting-market, folks are starting to realize there is actually real money to be made in this business. There is serious money, for the serious bookie. The first couple of questions that you must ask yourself is this; how serious do I want to be, and do I want to take my business to the next level?

•    If you have one betting client, you are a sports bookie. If you do not have any clients then find one that spends at least a couple of bucks per week, now you are a sports bookie! 

•    It is possible for a sports gambler, a bettor, to spend $1 on the horses; if this bettor is your client and you offered him the bet, then you are a bookie.

The Process

What process? There is certainly form and function in finding clients and growing your business and knowing how to market your business can make or break you. This is a different aspect of the functions of a bookie and in fact— hopefully, you don’t have to market yourself on much of any level. The hope is that you have just enough clients that word-of-mouth will give you that added boost and then you really start to take off. 

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**Bookies have quickly learned over the past few years that they can no longer go this process alone. Advertising is expensive and keeping up with the “big boys” of the online gambling industry is incredibly difficult, however, there is a remedy, a way to establish yourself in what’s close to an untouchable market, and that’s with the use of a Pay Per Head Betting Platform. 

How does a Pay Per Head work?

Pay Per Head software is specially designed for the independent bookie—what’s even better… price per head software is a turnkey ready-all-inclusive, sportsbook, racebook, and casino. If you want to offer your clients the best betting options for the least amount of cost to you, then it would be wise to conduct an online pay per head review and find out who is out there, discover who the best are and who offers the best pay per head betting platform. 

•    A Price Per Head provider offers you the bookie a way to create an online presence and to be up and fully operational within a very short time, (usually a day or less). 

•    Start by reading online reviews, you want the best pay per head service that is available but not the most expensive, and certainly not the cheapest. Remember, in this business, you get what you pay for. 

Perks to Look for with a Pay Per Head

Customer service is to be expected, after all, you are the bookie – the paying client. You want your clients to be happy and you want them to have the best customer service in the world. Now you have the chance to offer them exactly that. 

•    A great PPH provider will offer a toll-free hotline for you as well as your client to access from the United States.

•    Top notch security: You must have the best and most secure servers in the world. You need this to protect your clients as well as yourself, you also care about “up-time”. Find a PPH that is willing to say they will be up and operational at least 95% of the time! You need your sportsbook to run at all times. Your clients will go to another sportsbook if your site is down. 

What is a Pay Per Head Service?

•    A fantastic wagering platforms, as well as wagering menu, you must have both. You cannot survive without these. Your clients want to gamble on sports! This is why they have come to you. Now you must offer them options. With a fantastic Pay Per Head service, you can do just that- offer them a ton of great betting options and in fact, the same betting options than any other major online sportsbook would offer.

As what was mentioned at the beginning, becoming a sports bookie is easy; find a client that enjoys betting on sports—now you are a bookie. The trick to all of this is making money and keeping clients. There is certainly a lot of competition out there and you must make the most of your offerings in order to keep your coveted clients. Using a Price Per Head service will help you do exactly that. Successful bookies have discovered that what a Pay Per Head has to offer is exactly what their betting clients are looking for. There has never been a better time than now to get in, sign up for a free Pay Per Head trial and see if you like the process. Try before you buy. 

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