How to Bet On Sports | Teasers and Pleasers

If you love to bet on sports and you are looking for new and exciting ways to add even more excitement to the action in the games, then betting exotics at your favorite online sportsbook could be a great addition to your overall sports betting strategy.

One of the most popular exotic bets is the simple parlay where you group two of more picks into one single bet. The payout odds increase with each pick you add to the mix, but in order to cash in a winning ticket, every one of your picks needs to be a winner or a PUSH. If you are looking to spice things up betting parlays, then two additional exotics known as ‘teasers’ and ‘pleasers’ are both viable options.

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Teasing the betting spread in a two-team parlay lets you move the line in your favor either way. Most teasers move the line six points either way in football and they can go up to as many as 14 points or higher depending on where you book your bets. Most sportsbooks will require additional plays as the points increase. So if you want to move the spread 10 points in your favor, then you will usually have to parlay at least three picks. A 14-point teaser may require the parlay to have at least four games involved.

A working example of a teaser bet would start with the actual pointspread for the games involved. Let’s say that Dallas is listed as seven-point favorite against Philadelphia and Green Bay is a three-point underdog against Minnesota. If you decide to bet a two-team teaser moving the line six points in your favor, you would get Dallas -1 and Green Bay +9 on the new spreads.

You need to be correct on both games to win and your actual payout odds would be -120. This means that a $100 two-team teaser at six points would pay $100 if correct, but you would owe $120 if you lose. All the top online sportsbooks will post their individual payout odds on teasers, but they remain fairly standard across the sports betting industry.

A pleaser is a variation of this bet which actually increases your payout odds since you are now moving the pointspread against your favor. Using the example above, you would now have Dallas -13 against Philadelphia and Green Bay -3 against Minnesota. This obviously makes this bet much harder to hit, but your $100 will return $600 if correct. This is the ultimate risk/reward bet in sports with the highest payouts on the board. Pleasers are normally offered on both football and basketball games with the use of a set pointspread.

Either one of these exotics offer sports bettors an opportunity to build your overall betting bankroll and they also add some very interesting diversity to an overall betting strategy. However, it all comes down to your overall confidence in your actual picks. You still need to do your homework handicapping the games to try and find a couple that come together perfectly for either type of bet.

A teaser may give you the best chance to win, but the increased risk is also a factor. You can always add more teams to the mix to improve your payout odds, but that also increases your degree of difficulty in trying to actually cash in. A pleaser is all risk and all reward, but you still need to pick the games that make the most sense based on the actual matchup. Predicting blowouts that far exceed the standard spread is very hard to do, as is predicting a straight-up upset.

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