How To Bet Super Bowl Props Wisely and Have Fun (and Not Blow Cash)

How To Bet Super Bowl Props Wisely and Have Fun (and Not Blow Cash)

Among the many pleasures of a truly American holiday, the Super Bowl is from a betting perspective. Whether you are at someone's house and have square pools for quarters or other fun recreational bets, they are all intended for fun.

Among the aspects of Super Bowl betting that has changed radically is prop betting. Sportsbooks only had sides, totals and a money line for the biggest game up the year. In the mid-1980s, it is largely conceded Art Manteris, who ran the Caesars sportsbook, was the first operator to take a larger plunger into prop wagering. Others in Vegas followed like Jimmy Vaccaro at the MGM (now as SouthPoint) and a then youthful Jay Kornegay at the Imperial Palace (now at Westgate). Once the internet was invented and word traveled out of Las Vegas, that was the beginning of what we have today.

For the next upcoming Super Bowl, sportsbooks in the U.S. and offshore will offer hundreds of props, most related to the game itself and others for entertainment purposes. Here are fundamentals to follow for betting Super Bowl props.

Serious Betting Requires Serious Research

The first thing to remember about wagering on props on Super Bowl Sunday, the sportsbooks are very serious about winning money as most books have 50 to 60 percent of the money wagered being on props. With it spread around and betting limits, the exposure is reduced compared to say a big underdog winning on money line bets, nonetheless, they are not in the business of losing money.

Serious bettors by now know what props to expect and have figured their numbers pertaining to all aspects of participating quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. They also have tendencies about teams by quarters and halves and what to anticipate for each club before the conference championship games are played.

Of course, not many have the time or the resources to evaluate all these components ahead of time. That is why when the props are starting being released, start creating a list that seems to have value to you and begin your research well ahead of time. This allows you to think clearly and make more sound judgments.


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A frequent question that has come up is this.

 - Wonder if I like a few props and when I went to actually bet them, the numbers have not gone in my favor and the edge I thought I had is wiped out. What do I do? -

Considered yourself having been "sharpened". You were not the only one thinking about those props and others went ahead and bet and moved the number. At this point, most of the value is removed. If you still really like the number, reduce your bet and your risk and find others to play.

Realize most props are "shaded" against public tendencies and most sharps are ready as soon as the numbers are released. That does not mean you cannot win, you just have to be more selective and make sure you set aside the exact amount you want to bet and DO NOT exceed it.

Avoid These Common Prop Betting Mistakes

If you are doing it for fun on Super Sunday and say you have $100 to bet, go for and have fun, you could show a profit and if you lose, you knew that was possible.

If however you normally bet a $100 a game and you started watching all the pregame stuff and find yourself becoming giddy with excitement, slow down. Don't be that guy, who blow thru a grand making uneducated bets. At least look up some information about any bet you make to have an informed opinion.

Stay away from stupid bets like what sponsor will have the first beer commercial? (You could actually find that out with the right query on Google.) Or what props like Super Bowl Team A will score more or fewer points than NBA superstar playing the same day.

And of course, don't develop "liquid courage" for making sports bets. Too much alcohol and placing bets is hardly a winning combination. Like don't drink and drive, don't drink and place bets. Otherwise, prepare yourself to win!

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