How to Bet Teasers

How to Bet Teasers

What is a teaser?

A teaser is played much like a parlay, you must have at least two bets on one card in order to make the bet. Teasers are aptly named teasers for the fact that the bet is a tease-the bet is teasing you or tempting you because the numbers look better than that of a parlay and you get paid more than if you simply bet on one game, otherwise known as a straight bet. In essence, what you are doing when you place a teaser--you are buying points. 

Another way of looking at this: (Teaser bets, are bets that have an adjusted spread.)
When playing a teaser, the rules are the same as if playing a parlay; you must win all of your selected teams. One loss and you are done. A teaser is not a round robin bet or any kind of “if win” bet. We reiterate the point so that there is absolutely no confusion--- a teaser is a parlay, that consists of at least 2 games and that offers an adjusted spread, giving you the player, a much better chance to win. 

Note: Teasers are for sports that involve point spreads and can only be placed on a point spread. You will never see a teaser in baseball. The sports that teasers are centered around are football and basketball.

Football teaser examples: (NFL and NCAA)

Note: The more popular teaser numbers that are wagered are usually 6, 6.5, and 7 points. Many online sportsbooks offer many different lines so be sure to check with yours, for what they actually do offer. The payouts for teasers other than the ones listed here will be different.

Kansas City Chiefs + 4
New York Jets + 4
Indianapolis Colts -3

If you choose to place a 6.5 point teaser on the three of these teams, they must all cover the spread and that spread would be changed to reflect the new numbers….

Kansas City Chiefs + 10.5
New York Jets + 12
Indianapolis Colts + 3.5

A three-team teaser, played at 6.5 points for $100, will win $160. Take a look at industry standard—football teaser payouts.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
-120 +150 +240 +365 +550 +800 +1100

The NBA and college basketball work on the same principle, with one exception; the numbers are somewhat different. In basketball, the standard offering pretty much industry-wide is 4, 4.5 5 points. The numbers change and work exactly as in the above football example. Take a look.

Orlando Magic -7
Dallas Mavericks -4
Milwaukee Bucks -2.5

Here we have a three-team teaser, the line adjustment on a 5 point teaser will look like this…

Orlando Magic -2
Dallas Mavericks +1
Milwaukee Bucks +2.5

Betting, teasers can make you money, or you can lose money. You should always be prepared for what you are betting on, and the teams you are betting on. Handicap the games and players and most importantly, set a solid budget. Players that set a budget and stick to it will find their ROI to be steady and at the end of the day; profits are what matter.