How To Bet The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals start this week and like always, the two teams that are playing deserve to have reached this point. That's the way the NBA works, the best teams win.

Now that we are at the apex of the sport, how should you bet these two teams and what are your options? Let's explore.

Series Betting

This is pretty simple and direct. You are choosing who wins the series and this is a money line wager on a favorite or underdog. Chances are you know who you prefer going into the series, but if you can't make up your mind, consider this.

Betting Like a Pro Means Thinking Like One First

With rare exception, The Finals are about star power. In this case, you need three-star players you can count on essentially every game. While nobody knows exactly how any player will perform, a sound method to help you or anyone to decide who to pick as the winner is chosen the three best players from each team and grade them 1 to 6. This should help in determining the best team.

Next, determine who has the better bench and if they are nearly equal, decide what one or two players could be a deciding factor in any contest.

Game by Game Betting

Besides following the outcomes from game to game, look closely at the stats. Review the shooting percentages, three-point shooting, rebounding, and turnovers. Did these align with the outcome of the contest? If not, what element(s) should matter for next game?

At the same time, watch the sportsbooks odds from places like My Bookie, Intertops or wherever you bet. If a team wins by 20 points and spread is unchanged in the next tilt, is that a sign the sportsbooks consider that an anomaly and believe their number is correct.

Find the BEST betting advices for the NBA Finals

You should also view the total in the same way. Was the Over or Under a reflection of hot or cold shooting game by one team or the other? Watch closely how the oddsmaker reacts to fluctuations on totals and know the statistics to give you an edge.

Another avenue to explore is the first half side and totals bets. If you are uncertain about a full game wager but believe a team could get off to a faster start or the pattern has been for the scoring going higher or lower in the first two quarters, this can be added to your arsenal.

Also, understand who the better coach is and what adjustments they make game after game to place their team in the best position to win.

Other Betting Opportunities

Besides the series, against the spread and totals wagers, there is fun and interesting bets to place.

It starts with prop bets. Sportsbooks today have added a vast number of bets that can be placed. The possibilities are almost endless, with situations like Over/Under on points, rebounds, assists, and combinations therein. In many cases, these will include multiple players on each team and you will have a whole list to survey and choose from.

Free Play or Cash Money... You Decide

There will also be more unusual or exotic bets. Here is a sampling of what various sportsbooks might have to choose from.

Team to Score First
Team to Score the First 10 Points
Team to Score the First 20 Points
Over/Under Largest Lead of the Game

Plus, if you are more knowledgeable about the teams and players participating, in-game betting is the hottest trend in sports betting.

Make sure you know your limits on how much to bet. With that in mind, you can have a lot of fun besides just watching the NBA Finals.

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