How to Deposit Bitcoin at MyBookie

If your major consideration when making a deposit is ease of use, avoiding transaction fees and getting into the action as quickly as possible, there is nothing that can beat Bitcoin, which is a very popular MyBookie deposit method. 

So what is Bitcoin? Well, in short, it is a virtual currency (also known as a "cryptocurrency") that is traded over the internet. Like any currency, the value is ascribed to it by those who trade it. But it is legitimately exchanged for other currencies. 

What makes Bitcoin different from, say, the U.S. dollar or the Euro is that it is not a "fiat" currency; that is, it is not controlled by a central bank or government entity. It has gained a lot of traction in recent years, and in fact, there are other cryptocurrencies out there that are maturing as well. 

The Future Is Now: A Guide To Using Bitcoin

Dealing with Bitcoin is strictly a peer-to-peer transaction, which means that it does not pass through any third parties, and it is anonymous in nature, which means that if you do not want the recipient to know who you are, they don't have to know. 

And no one needs to know where you come from either, which makes it an ideal MyBookie deposit method for United States-based customers. In fact, MyBookie reports that 72% of their players who use Bitcoin as a way of making a deposit wind up making it the ONLY way they make a deposit. 

Bitcoin has often been in the news, and there has been much controversy over the fluctuations in value it has experienced. But the advantage to sports bettors and casino customers involves the protocol through which "BTC" is exchanged, which makes it very easy and inexpensive, to the point where not only do transactions happen instantaneously, they also happen, for the most part, without fees. AND from the standpoint of the gaming establishment itself, there are no chargebacks on Bitcoin transactions, which they love. 

That's one of the reasons the sportsbook can afford to offer larger bonuses for Bitcoin deposits than they can for other MyBookie deposit methods. And it is also why the payouts are about as fast as you can imagine, which also makes it very attractive. 

Your first step toward using Bitcoin as a way of depositing involves opening up a "Bitcoin wallet," which you can do very easily (just punch that term into Google). Make sure that you establish two-factor authentication. After that, find a Bitcoin exchange so that you can actually acquire Bitcoin in return for whatever currency you use. Credit cards and PayPal can be used to buy it. 

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Then you have to go into your account at MyBookie, into the "Cashier" area, and get the Bitcoin address for MyBookie, to which you will send your Bitcoin deposit. These addresses - yours and theirs - are not simple, so you will want to copy and paste them when doing these transactions. MyBookie is the "recipient," so you would paste their address into that field. 

Note that if you want more detailed instructions, simply go to the Cashier area and you'll be able to read them and see a visual. But seriously, this is a very easy process. 

If you are used to making your deposits using a credit card or ACH transfer, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the whole thing works. Once you have sent your Bitcoin over to MyBookie, your account could actually be funded within 20 minutes. So if you choose, there is no more waiting around for funds to be cleared. 

Once you are able to get your BTC in the first place, the whole thing is an absolute breeze. We know that privacy is often a major consideration for people who play in online casinos and sportsbooks, and there is nothing you'll find that quite matches what Bitcoin can offer in that area. 

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