How to Deposit with Bitcoin at BetAnySports

There is no question that Bitcoin (also referred to as "BTC") is fast becoming a favored method of depositing funds into casino and sportsbook accounts, and BetAnySports was involved very early in terms of the ability to offer this banking option to its customers. Therefore, they "know the drill" by now. 

In case you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, well, there are various sources where you can get more on the history and the entire process of how the coins are created. But we will say in short that it is a digital currency - a "cryptocurrency" if you will - that is not controlled by a central government, operates largely as a p2p (person-to-person) method of exchange, is accepted by many merchants, and carries real value in the world markets. 

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In order to deal in Bitcoin, you will acquire a "Bitcoin wallet," win which your virtual currency is stored. There are many of these wallets, with features that vary. You can do a Google search to find places where you can set one up, as well as outlets where you can buy Bitcoin in exchange for whatever currency you have in your possession. 

The nature of transactions with Bitcoin is anonymous, and therefore that makes the currency ideal for dealing with gambling entities, as customers are often very concerned with confidentiality. And the fact that these transactions are not geo-tracked means that United States patrons can go ahead and deal with casinos and sportsbooks with a certain level of confidence. 

They are also FAST.

And BetAnySports has created the mechanism that can make a Bitcoin very safe and secure for all customers, regardless of where they come from. 

After you have created an account (which does not necessarily require a deposit), you will go into the primary interface - which is a very user-friendly atmosphere - and find the "Cashier" section. You will log in there and go to "Deposits." 

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Once there, you will click the Bitcoin logo, at which point you will enter the amount that you wish to deposit. You can express this in Bitcoin, although the calculations, conversions, decimals, etc. might make this logistically difficult. You'll probably want to express it in U.S. dollars instead, and BetAnySports will make that conversion according to their own criteria, which will be governed by the Bid and Ask prices listed at  

It's important to understand that with Bitcoin, you must make a minimum deposit of $25 to get things started (the maximum is $10,000). 

They will give you a "Bitcoin address" that you will be sending your funds to. Then you'll go to your own Bitcoin wallet and execute that transaction. At that point, your deposit is submitted for confirmation. Please note that these Bitcoin addresses - not the ones you are sending FROM but the one you are sending TO - are dynamic, so there will be a different one each time you submit a deposit. 

If all of the information you have submitted is consistent with the deposit you've made, you can expect that your deposit will be credited to your account rather quickly - no more than 40 minutes after you initiated the transaction and often in less time. But PLEASE be accurate, because any inconsistencies will delay the transaction from being credited.

Remember a few things about doing Bitcoin transactions. One is that BTC can be a volatile currency, especially during this period - its relative infancy - and what you thought was the currency rate may not be the case anymore. So make sure you're straight on what that rate is at the time you do the transaction. Your Bitcoin wallet may have the capacity to display that for you when you go into their user interface. 

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Another thing to keep in mind is that despite the fact that you have deposited with Bitcoin, you will not be playing the games at BetAnySports with wagers that are expressed in BTC. Everything is converted to U.S. dollars once it goes into your account. 

You can also get paid out in Bitcoin. And if you have used Bitcoin only, you won't have any limit at all on the amount you can get paid via the currency. If that isn't the case, you can get a BTC payment of $1,000 every seven days. These transactions are invariably faster than any other payment method available. 

And guess what? Whether you are putting funds IN or taking them OUT, BetAnySports never charges you any fees when you are using Bitcoin. 

Hope that helps!