Increase Your NBA Profit With PricePerPlayer Bookie Software

A new season of basketball in the NBA creates an excellent way to boost your bottom line as a private bookie. Even with football in full swing as the top betting sport for US players, the NBA remains a very popular betting sport in its own rite. 

Too many bookies tend to put basketball on the backburner in the fall months to focus most of their attention on the action football brings in. All that does is leave money and added profit on the table.

Working with a top-rated pay per head bookie software provider like PricePerPlayer, you can develop a separate business plan for basketball that makes NBA betting its own profit center.

Create a NBA Marketing Plan

Every successful business endeavor starts with an effective business plan. Increasing your handle and hold percentage on NBA games does not happen by accident. With the help of PricePerPlayer, you can market this particular betting opportunity to your existing sports betting customer base as well as to prospective customers looking to bet on the NBA.


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A good starting point for this plan is an expanded betting board filled with a wide array of NBA betting options.

Even though most of the betting action leans towards straight bets on the sides using a pointspread along with total line bets, an expanded betting board gives bettors the opportunity to create a varied betting strategy.

By giving your customers more NBA betting options such as moneyline odds, futures and game props, you can begin to expand the overall revenue you take in on this sports league. With PricePerPlayer as your pay per head service, you can also offer live in-game betting options for every NBA game.

Betting on games after they have gotten underway is one of the fastest growing segments of the online sports betting industry.

By getting your customers excited about betting on the NBA early in the season, you will set the stage for even deeper dividends down the road when this sport takes center stage on the betting board. 

Create a NBA Profit Center

While most avid bettors turn to multiple sports for all their action, there are more than enough bettors that only focus on basketball, and specifically the NBA.

Your marketing plans should include a way to specifically target this type of bettor. Even if you create a small contingent of NBA-only customers, it will add incremental profit to your entire bookie business bottom line.

The NBA season runs almost eight months as one of the longest stretches of any professional sports league. With 30 teams playing an 82-game regular season schedule, there is more than enough daily betting action on the board.

The second season in the NBA is an extended playoff run that consists of three rounds of best-of-seven series leading up to the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

When you add it all up, it is easy to see why the NBA needs to be a big part of the overall mix. PricePerPlayer can give you fast and easy access to an expanded number of betting options to drive your overall handle, revenue and hold percentage on the NBA action taken in.

This top-rated PPH service can also provide all the business tools needed to manage this added profit center. Daily action increases your need for control over the bets coming in. The ability to quickly move lines and make changes to your NBA betting board is vital. So is the ability to adjust individual betting and credit limits. 

With PricePerPlayer as your silent bookie business partner, staying way out ahead of the curve while fully capitalizing on all betting opportunities is a proven recipe for success.