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One of the best things about JazzSports as a top-rated online sportsbook catering to the US market is diversity. Along with access to betting lines for more than 80 different sports all around the world, JazzSports sportsbook also offers an online racebook for horse racing that covers more than 200 racetracks on a global scale.

The online betting action does not stop there as a one-stop-shop for all of your gambling needs. JazzSports also offers fast and easy access to an online casino that can bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your desktop, laptop or mobile handheld device. Along with a wide selection of slots and other electronic games of chance, there is a separate section for popular table games. One of the top features of this online casino is an expansive poker room for playing America’s favorite card game. 

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JazzSports Poker Room is one of the highlights of the online casino. Its main strength is a wide selection of video poker machines. There may be other online casino sites with more live table game options for poker, but high grades for this site include ease of use and excellent customer service.

One of the featured poker games in the online casino section is Caribbean Poker staying true to its roots as a quality offshore book. If you have never played this highly popular version of poker, all of JazzSports Poker Room options will allow players to take its games for a test drive by playing for free. Once you get a good feel for the rules of the game along with the working mechanics of the electronic machine, you can raise the stakes by playing real money Caribbean Poker.

Players are pitted against the house in this version of five-card stud. This makes this head-to-head competition even more attractive since there is only one hand to beat. Five cards are dealt down to the player. The dealer will have four cards dealt down and one card exposed. The player can fold or raise their bet. 

The dealer will turn over their other cards to reveal a five-card hand that needs an ace and king or higher to qualify. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player earns double his ante and the raise is a push. If the dealer does qualify, standard rankings of poker hands will apply.

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Another poker favorite at JazzSports is Deuces Wild. This five-card draw poker game uses a standard 52-card deck with all four 2’s counting as wild cards. This bumps up the action with much better chances to land a very high scoring hand. Standard five-card draw rules apply and a player will need at least two pairs to win. Most versions will offer a payout on a pair of kings or pair of aces. There are other betting options to add even more excitement to this poker game.

Those are just two examples of what you can find in JazzSports Poker Room. There is also a wide selection of other table games such as Blackjack and Roulette. The overall playing experience ranks high in this online casino. Also, JazzSports’ overall excellent reputation in the online sports betting industry makes it a great option to diversify the overall online gambling experience.

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