Maintain Your Cash Flow with Pay Per Head

By Dave Schwab

Spring leading into the summer months can be a tough time of the year for independent sports bookmakers if you do not take the proper measures to maintain your weekly cash flow while still adding profits to your company’s bottom line. One of the best ways to keep things moving in the right direction when the overall sports calendar begins to slow down a bit is by working closely with your Pay Per Head online bookie software provider. They have the right sportsbook software solutions needed to grow your business even when the volume of betting action is not as high as it has recently been.

A good starting point is to make the most of the upcoming NBA and NHL playoffs. This is the most exciting time of the year for both of these sports given the high drama both on the court and on the ice. The postseason for both sports also presents an excellent opportunity to not only bring in some additional betting action from your existing customer base, but to actually expand your business with additional players looking for a place to bet the games.

Building out your betting board for all the playoff games with the help of your price per head provider is a great way to market your book making services to today’s sophisticated sports bettor. They are looking for that added level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big offshore sportsbooks simply cannot match. Along with the basic betting lines for both NBA and NHL playoffs games, you can add an expanded selection of prop bets and futures odds that bring even more betting excitement as each round of the postseason continues on.

You always want to make sure that the playing field between your bookie business and the big online books is on an even keel. If your betting board matches theirs, then you should never have to worry about any of your players looking elsewhere to place a bet on something that you failed to offer.

Another good way to maintain cash flow this time of the year is to expand your betting options to some of the other sports that may not be as mainstream as the NBA and NHL. There is a whole world of betting action out there right now from soccer both in the US and abroad to the heart of the season for both professional golf and tennis. Take steps to build on the excitement of this year’s Masters as the PGA Tour begins to heat up in anticipation of the next three Majors. The same can be said for both the ATP and WTA tennis tours. Motor sports both in the US and around the globe are a weekly staple and there are some huge bouts on the card in both boxing and MMA fighting over the next several months.

These second tier sports may not bring in a ton of action on their own. However, collectively they can go a long way towards filling in the void this time of year. Another really good way to maintain both cash flow and bottom-line profits is making a concerted effort to build your overall MLB betting action. There comes a time in the summer sports betting calendar when this is the only major sports league in action, so building your customer base when the new season begins will pay huge dividends when July and August rolls around.

It is going to take some extra effort and time to actually maintain cash flow and expand your bookie business when things slow down, but with the help of your Pay Per Head provider it will be time well spent.

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