Making Money on The NFL Draft With Pay Per Head

Every private bookie knows that football betting, especially in the NFL is the golden goose when it comes to the bottom-line profit a bookmaking business generates. The problem is that the season for betting on actual games is only five months long. There is plenty of other betting action to fill the gaps, but the NFL is still the top betting option for most avid sports bettors.

This is why the 2019 NFL Draft should be thought of as a major betting event. You could simply maintain your focus on the NBA and NHL playoffs along with a daily dose of MLB betting action to close out April on a strong note. However, the NFL Draft continues to grow in popularity as the biggest betting event in the league’s extended seven-month offseason.

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The best thing about building out your betting board with a grocery list of draft props is just how easy it is to do. With the help of your pay per head bookie software provider, you already have fast and easy access to everything you need to turn a profit on this seven-round, three-day event. The majority of the prop bet options are geared towards the first round which takes place on Thursday, April 25. The next two rounds are slated for Friday night and the final four rounds take place on Saturday afternoon.

All the storylines surrounding what the Arizona Cardinals will do with the first overall pick or will the New York Giants finally select a replacement for veteran quarterback Eli Manning help fuel the interest in the opening round proceedings.

The biggest reason to make a concerted effort to push NFL draft prop betting through your independent sportsbook is easy money. Most of the 32 NFL teams are not quite sure what they are going to do on Thursday night when they are officially ‘on the clock’. The opening round of the draft has proven to be an inexact science at best. There are far more first-round busts than bonafide superstars. Add in the fact that most mock drafts do not come anywhere close to predicting accurate results and it sets the stage for any number of losing bets.

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Just the quarterback position alone generates some great money making opportunities for private bookmakers. You will probably have less than a few betting customers risking $600 to make $100 that former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray will be the first overall pick. If the Cardinals did decide to go in a different direction, it would shake up the entire opening round. 

Another income-boosting aspect of building out your NFL betting board with draft props is the ever-expanding selection of betting options. You can continually add new props once you have a good feel for how your customers are betting the early ones. 

You might get some solid action on the OVER 3.5 for the total number of quarterbacks drafted in the first 32 picks. The general betting odds for this prop have spiked up to -450 after opening at -175. To hedge any action for this particular prop if too many of your bettors are willing to take that risk, you can add an OVER/UNDER prop for each of the four player’s actual draft position.

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Once the draft is over, you will have the ability to build out your NFL board with any number of futures odds and prop bet options for the upcoming season. However, those bets are long, drawn-out affairs that will not pay off until sometime next year. The draft is a great way to add some immediate NFL money to the till more than four months ahead of the 2019 regular season.

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