Making Money Taking Action During the College Bowl Season

By the time mid-December rolls around, so does the extended college football bowl season. What used to be a handful of postseason games played between Christmas and New Year’s Day has turned into a second season of games.

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This expanded college bowl schedule includes almost 40 games that can boost a private bookie’s overall revenue and net profit in the month of December and into January.

Working closely with Price Per Player as your bookie software solutions provider, you can build out a very impressive betting board just for these games.

This is the type of ‘once a year’ sports betting event that builds in excitement as it wears on. From the opening Bahamas Bowl on Friday, Dec. 20 right through the College Football Playoff Championship Game on Monday, Jan. 13, this becomes one of the most lucrative streams of revenue outside the realm of all the daily and weekly action you take in.

Football is still king when it comes to betting on sports, and along with the NFL, the college bowl season lets you tailor that betting board to your overall customer base.

With Price Per Player providing all the betting lines you need, when you need them, you will be able to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks you are competing with. You will never have to worry about one of your betting customers going elsewhere for something that was not on your board.

Along with the basic pointspreads and total lines for bowl season games, you can add moneyline odds, first half betting options and special exotics such as parlay boosters to the mix. Price Per Player can also set you up with a live in-game betting application. This is the most exciting way to bet on sports as well as one of the fastest growing options in the online sports betting industry.

Live in-game betting for every college bowl game this season is an excellent way to further enhance betting revenue and betting profits. Now is the time to market this option to your entire sports betting base to let them know that they can bet the college bowl games live through your independent bookmaking service.

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The whole idea is to market the college bowl season as its own separate event.

Even if you offered an extended board during the regular season, including live in-game wagers, you now have a separate three-week window to dial up the intensity for betting on these season-ending showdowns.

Once Jan. 13 comes and goes, there is a long seven-month wait until college football is back on your board.

Price Per Player online sports betting software solutions have been able to establish their bookie services as the best in the industry for a reason. Owned and operated by online sports betting experts, they already know exactly what it takes to help you run and manage a successful independent sportsbook. They also know how to rise to the occasion during special betting events such as college bowl season.

This PPH service includes some high-valued benefits such as:

  1. Expanded betting options
  2. Instant edit capability for your betting board
  3. Real time business analytics that track and monitor all daily action
  4. Detailed player management reports for every active customer

Along with everything else that is on the board in December, you need the right business tools to always stay way out in front of the college bowl action coming in. Price Per Player have your back when you need them the most.