Maximize Profits With a Pay Per Head Service

If you’re new to the term “Pay Per Head”, let me catch you up real quick, because if you need one, you NEED to have one in your arsenal.

A Pay Per Head or Price Per Head (or PPH for short) is a service that is offered to anyone that takes bets, better known as a bookie. There are countless numbers of Pay Per Head services available, but they definitely are not all created equal.

PPH Products

That’s where guys like PricePerPlayer come in.

Before depositing and getting your turnkey sportsbook operational, there are a few things to know about choosing the right PPH service. You are charged a fee for each of your bettors that week, that’s where the term “Pay Per Head” came from.

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When choosing a pay per head service, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. Commitment to providing resources to ensure their software is continuously updated to the highest standards is most important. If their site is down, so is your business.

After technology, ease of use needs to be addressed, as well as sharp betting line access, risk management and of course, products that are offered.

Sports Betting Solutions

This day in age, people are easily bored. One thing may be trendy for a few months, and then it’s never spoken about again. It’s the same thing with sports bettors. If they don’t have options, they will get bored and move on to a sportsbook that has a wider betting menu.

With Price Per Player, your sports betting options are near endless.

On top of sharp, real-time betting lines for all major sports and events, you’ll find things like European sports betting as well as the trendiest thing in the online sports gaming industry, live betting.


It would be impossible to put together what PricePerPlayer offers on your own. Knowing all lines are up-to-the-minute accurate, with the variety found, is piece of mind any bookie needs.

Gambling Products

Speaking of variety, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the gambling products that are offered by Price Per Player.

When your players log into your newly built website, complete with your personal touch, on top of the betting lines found, they will also have access to a live casino, a digital casino and a fully operational racebook.

All PricePerPlayer is trying to do is help you make more money. They offer numerous Horse Racing Software features, including Horse Racing Account Management and an Information Management System.

Your clients will feel like they are stepping into a casino when they see live dealer tables for Black Jack, Roulette and Baccarat.

If the digital casino is more their style, they’ll find Slots, Digital Poker, Progressive Jackpots and tons of Casino games like Craps, Black Jack and Roulette.

Risk Management Reporting

Just because the lines are offered to you by your high end PPH shop, that doesn’t mean you need to always use them. With PricePerPlayer, you will have full control to changing any line, for any game, for any one bettor.

You will be able to micro-manage your bookie business, and you won’t believe how easy this is accomplished with resources that will be available to you.

Your account with any quality pay per head service should include a risk management strategy function that uses reports to help you make more money. Price Per Player sees this as a priority.

Whether you are looking to switch pay per head shops, or you think it’s finally time to made the jump to start using one, it’s great to have an informed, professional opinion like’s.

We highly recommend any of the Pay Per Head services found in our reviews, but we really appreciate Price Per Players’ commitment to excellence.