MLB Free Pick | Grand Salami for September 13th, 2019

So here we are, less than 3 weeks left in the 2019 Major League baseball season. All in all, it has been a great betting season for me, hitting on a lot of underdogs winning outright.

If you pick your spots correctly in baseball, there is a ton a value to be had. The worst team in baseball, the Detroit Tigers, has 43 wins to go along with their 102 losses. How many of those 43 wins do you think they were the favorite?

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If you are not familiar with how the MLB Grand Salami works, it’s the same as in other sports, taking into account every game on the schedule that day. It works as your typical OVER/UNDER bet, with sportsbooks offering odds for the total number of runs scored in every game on a given day.

The MLB Grand Salami also offers odds on HOME and AWAY runs, with the option to bet on the moneyline on the HOME team runs versus the AWAY team runs. Today, there are 14 games on the MLB schedule, and the odds for the MLB Grand Salami look like this:


                                                Moneyline                        Total

Away Runs                                    -210                        

Home Runs                                   +180


OVER Runs                                                                    O135.5-110

UNDER Runs                                                                 U135.5-115


I love betting the Grand Salami in any sport. When taking every game into account on the entire schedule, it gives you a little action on every game. Thinking about heading to your local sports watering hole, where there will be no less than 6 games on, the Grand Salami will provide blow your mind action.

There are many factors that go into handicapping the Grand Salami. In baseball, a couple obvious things will be starting pitchers, parks that are hosting games, etc. But sharp bettors know there is much more to solving the Grand Salami equation.

I usually like the bet the OVER when wagering the Grand Salami, but today, Friday the 13th, I am going with the UNDER 135.5 runs.


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There are no less than 6 stud pitchers going tonight, including Scherzer, Kershaw, Syndergaard, Cole and Soroka. Add in Wainwright at home, Morton, Tanaka, Odorizzi, Civale, Lucchesi, and I think we have the makings of an UNDER night in baseball.



Don’t sleep on betting the MLB down the stretch. With so many young players getting a September call up, you never know who will break out and provide us a ton of betting value.

If you’ve been following my picks, you know that value is King when it comes to my betting strategy.

Maybe you are still a little unsure about betting the Grand Salami. Take a few days and do some homework a get a little more comfortable betting on this. Write down the Grand Salami odds, and keep track for a few days.

You will see that sportsbook numbers for these odds can be way off. I have seen a total of 120 for a full slate be nearly doubled with 228 runs. Conversely, I have also saw a Saturday total of 130 finish the day at 101. Do your homework and check it out.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on betting the Grand Salami. Add your comments below, right here on this page.

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