Mobile Betting: Take The Action With You

If you are playing football this season, hopefully, you are taking advantage of some of the great products and deals offered by the offshore sportsbooks.  

Betting offshore has been a mainstay with serious players for a long time. I made my first bet with an offshore sportsbook in approximately 1999 and have been hooked ever since. I made that bet from my bedroom computer while I watched the games on my giant box tv but the bet was still made from the comfort of my home. 

The Customer Experience at JazzSports

But this is not 1999, and while betting on a computer was fine, one of the real advantages to using offshore sportsbooks today is taking advantage of their mobile platforms. Not a day goes by when I don't check my phone multiple times a day looking at lines, line movements, or the upcoming slate of games for the day/weekend ahead.  

Top Sportsbooks For Mobile Betting

Over the years I've played, and still play, at a wide variety of offshore sportsbooks ranging from smaller bonus type shops to some of the biggest books offshore. One of my main criteria for choosing books is the ease of use regarding their mobile platform. Punters want something user-friendly that makes playing the games on the go a fast and efficient process. Just recently I ventured out to try a new shop and made my first deposit with JazzSports. Initially, the large bonus caught my eye but have since been pleased using their mobile platform. 

JazzSports is fully compatible with all your mobile devices with either the IOS or Android platform. Navigation around the site is easy to do and does not have a lot of extra clicks required. And depositing is easy as well with just a few taps and you can have your account loaded up with Bitcoin and ready to splash the board. 

How Do I Bet On My Phone?

When I log into my account on my phone it couldn't be much easier to get my games in. I simply click the Sports menu button and a dropdown brings me a list of the leagues including pro football, baseball, college football, and anything I could potentially want to gamble on. After selecting what I want to bet another drop menu comes allowing me to choose what within that sport I want to bet. 

Bitcoin Deposit Options at JazzSports

For example, I select pro football and besides being able to get the lines, I also have the option to make early Super Bowl wagers, full or 1st halves wagers, and even north of the border wagers as the CFL is also an option.  Once I have decided what I want to play I simply tap the selection and it is moved to my bet slip that lights up in the corner. The bet slip allows me to select what amount I wish to wager and a single tap on go and my bet is placed.  It is a very easy process and was designed with the on the go gambler in mind. 

In addition to ease of finding games, my balance is also readily available at the to of the screen as well as an option to view any open wagers I currently have pending. 

Its 2019 and mobile betting is here to stay.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or do your betting a little more on the sophisticated side you are using mobile wagering. One of the first things I check out with a new book is whether the mobile site is easy to use and JazzSports passed the test. 

About the Author

Jarvis Mahogany is a life long sports fanatic and long time gambler from Miami, Fla. His love of sports in shared/inherited from his father and two siblings who share the same sentiment. His willingness to gamble enabled him to produce a successful business in rental property and land development while maintaining a passion for sports gambling that continues to this day.

Moving to Atlanta, GA in early teens he picked up his first parlay cards and it was love at first sight. While obtaining a Bachelors Degree from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) he became the go to source for all things gambling among family and friends. A tradition that still carries on to this day.

With a focus primarily on offshore books he has spent years learning the ins and out of the industry and is always wiling to share tips or ideas for others. In addition, he has a great deal of knowledge in maximizing money in the offshore industry thru use of bonuses, contest and promotions.

His belief is that any success and longevity in this industry is directly related to value on wagers. His opinion is not getting +EV on the majority of your wagers is the quickest way to get and stay in the red in this industry.

Jarvis Mahogany currently resides in Atlanta, GA.