Moving your PPH provider odds is the Right Move?

The online gaming industry has changed dramatically over the past several years. The bookie's life has become much easier with the use and help of the pay per head providers. Pay Per Heads do everything, they take care of budgeting, all wagers in, all losses out. They supply on-demand player and financial reports, they write bet slips, they grade bet slips, literally, the entire process is controlled by an automated software for bookies. There is no software downloading, the bookie doesn’t need an IT expert. The Pay Per Head offers a fully-functional online sportsbook, racebook and casino all rolled into one, with a .com address. All the bookie must do is add player accounts and start collecting deposits. 

As easy as all of this sounds (and it is) there are, however, many things the bookie must keep a vigilant eye on and one of the most important aspects of a bookies life is knowing exactly where the lines and odds are set for the day, what sports they are set on, and including prop, and futures odds. 

Live Betting: A must on your Arsenal as a Bookie

Lines and odds will either make you as a bookie or break you as a bookie. You must know exactly where your odds are for any current day, and for any upcoming event. You must keep tabs on your players. You want to know how they are doing, and not only if they are beating you, but if they are losing to you. There is a fine line to walk with players.

Sharp players want sharp lines and they are willing to find bookmakers that offer the best line movement in the industry. The question is, are you providing the best they can find? 

The best Pay Per Head services in the industry hire expert line movers and oddsmakers. You must attach yourself to one of the best in the business if you want immediate success. 

Think about this

As a bookie, you have many duties, you have many mundane tasks that you must do without fail each and every day. If you are a local bookie (a corner bookie) then you are going this alone and everything is on your shoulders. You must set the days lines, the night before and very early in the morning of game day. This is one area of the business that you can’t afford any mistakes. A half a point here and a half a point there can ruin your day, your week, and your month. 

In other words; you must be an expert line mover and oddsmaker. If you are not that guy, then you must hire someone in the know. The proverbial question is this – “Can’t I just follow the crowd, the ‘big boys’ of the industry”? You could do this but remember one thing – the “big boys” of the industry are like Walmart—Walmart sells a gallon of bleach for .99 cents to get customers in the door. They lose money on the bleach but if brought people through the door. While they are there, they fill up a grocery cart and Walmart made a bundle on other products. The gaming industry is no different. The “big boys” want clients and they will hide numbers to get them.

Online Casino! An Easy Way to Make Money as a Bookie

You must be an expert or have a solid-working idea of how you want to set your daily lines and odds. The Pay per head is operated by experts that have years of experience doing just this. They have been there and done that and they can be trusted with your money. Not only do they make your life easier in general, but they also save you a fortune in line movement mistakes. 

The bookie can always move any lines and odds they happen to not like, and often it can be a great idea to move those odds more in favor of the house. You must know the sport well and know teams or players well. Line movement is certainly not for rookies and the Pay per head is the best choice for expert, everyday planning.