NBA First Rounds Coming to a Close - Team Totals Playing Huge

NBA First Rounds Coming to a Close  - Team Totals Playing Huge

The NBA first rounds have been very good and the early grade for the playoffs overall come in somewhere at around the B + neighborhood. Nobody predicted the New Orleans sweep over the Portland Trail Blazers and everybody predicted the Golden State/San Antonio series.

The Online sportsbooks have already paid out huge money this year and they are looking to right the ship at your expense. There is a way to beat them at their own game. If you like playing the NBA but find it frustrating; there are answers.

Although San Antonio extended the series and lives on to play another day against the Warriors tonight; it’s going to be a difficult road for the Spurs to make this series competitive. The Warriors are simply too good and they are too deep for the Spurs to have any legitimate shot at coming back.

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The crazy thing for the Spurs, they look old and they are old when Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are on the floor. What these two have done for the franchise and what they mean to the franchise is invaluable but age has clearly caught up with the stars and youth is nowhere to be found performance wise.

Tonight’s game represents a whole new challenge for the Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs have been here before and they know adversity. If there is any-one team that can come through in adverse situations, it’s this team, however, that was the old Spurs. That was the healthy Spurs and was with a much younger Parker and Manu. These two have been the driving force behind the Spurs success for more than a decade. Tonight will be a challenge indeed as the series goes back to Oakland with a 3-1 Golden State lead.

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With three games going tonight, you can bet the bookies are looking to cash in and they just might do that, but there is a better way to play against them than just simply playing the spread. Team totals have proven themselves to be winners this year and Philadelphia is a great example.

The Sixers have done pretty much everything right in this series and they are scoring 109.8 ppg. That’s a lot of points in a playoff series. As a team, they possess the ability to crank it up “at will” and they often do. Look closely at you favorite bookies numbers on team totals and consider playing the over.

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The Bucks hit Boston tonight for a pivotal game 5 and basically a “must win” situation. Game fives in any series are usually a “must win” but tonight’s game is most definitely a “must win” for the Bucks. The Bucks are averaging 113.3 ppg in this series and that’s a phenomenal number. Considering what the Celtics have done all season long on the defensive side of the ball; this presents a golden opportunity for you, the player.

Don’t let the bookies have the upper hand tonight. Beat them at their own game. Look for team totals-odds and play tonight’s games safe. There is no excuse to not be winning money and team totals is a perfect way to cash in big. If your online bookie doesn’t offer team totals, then it may be time to shop around! The NBA is hard to beat and as a player you need every advantage available to you. Make the most of your options and diversify. The opportunities with Golden State, Philadelphia and Milwaukee are rare and tonight is a great time to mix it up and win some money.