NHL Hockey Late Season Betting Tips

Late in the NHL season, the stakes increase. Not only does not every game matter, but every period and coaches will tell you every shift can be a difference-maker, positively or negatively.

We as hockey bettors also have to make adjustments, because what worked in December or January may no longer be applicable. Also, every pucks player seeking an edge must be more open-minded, because what you thought about a team three to weeks five weeks ago, could no longer be useful.

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Here are some tips to follow late in the season.

No Rest Road/Home Scenarios

Though this can vary from year to year and month to month some seasons depending on the teams involved, in the last 20 games of the season, this is a reliable money-maker.

What we are after is a team that played a road game and the next night is home. In the latter stages of the season, every team is a little beat up physically and tired mentally and they can have a tendency to relax a bit at home. Over the last five years, home favorites have lost these games anywhere from half the time (that means profits backing road underdogs) to 66 percent of the time.

If you like, you can take each team's schedule and create a look-ahead chart to know when these situations could come up. 

Back Hot Teams, Fade Cold One's

If you have followed and been betting hockey for five or more years, you probably have noticed this sport has longer winning or losing streaks than others. To properly explain why would be another article, but there are typically two reasons. For winning streaks, either the defense and the goaltenders are keeping the puck out of the net or there is increased scoring depth beyond the top one or two lines.

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For losing streaks, of course, the opposite would be true.

Winning teams that are assembling streaks are making their playoff push, their focus is sharp and they're excited to get to the rink because they firmly believe they are going to win every contest.

Losing teams with no shot at the postseason are used to not winning are just muddling through and trying to get the season over.

One aspect to realize, it will be more costly to back hot teams or play against cold one's since places like Intertops and other sportsbooks will generate inflated lines to make you think twice about backing teams that fit this model.

Be Selective, Avoid Bad Games

This is something we have said about other sports, yet it remains a universal truth. Late in the season, you should not even look at games involving teams that are out of playoff contention and not playing well.

The only thing you and everyone else knows is these clubs are expecting to lose and trying to identify who might win is like trying to beat the casino playing 'War'.

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Instead, focus on mismatches or finding an edge with competitors who are competing to win, not just playing out the season.

The only time it would ever make sense to back one these kinds of clubs is when they might have rattled off four wins in a row and are facing an opponent that has lost the same number of games.

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