Online Sportsbook Betting Options for The 2019 Masters

Diehard sports bettors will often incorporate professional golf into their overall betting strategy. There are tournaments on the board almost every weekend of the year both on the PGA and European Tour. The most common way to bet on golf is picking outright tournament winners, but the best value bets are on the odds posted for head-to-head matchups.

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Four times a season, professional golf pops into the spotlight for a much larger audience of sports bettors when one of the sport’s Majors is staged. This starts in early April with the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. 

The most unique aspect of the Masters is that this is the only Major that is staged at the same course year after year. A higher level of familiarity can often times lead to a higher level of predictability when it comes to betting on this event. Most of the top online sportsbooks understand that the Masters can be a highly profitable money maker, so the betting options have continually been expanded with each year’s tournament.

Most Popular Masters’ Betting Options

As mentioned, the most common bet for any professional golf tournament at an online sportsbook is on the actual winner. This is still a very low-percentage option that requires more luck and less handicapping skill. Bets with a higher value in the odds cover:

-    Top 5 Finish
-    Top 10 Finish
-    Top 20 Finish
-    Making or Missing The Cut
-    Top Finish by Country of Origin

The return is not as high as betting on an outright winner, but golf betting is all about cashing winners. For example, Rory McIlroy’s odds to win his first career Masters are set at +750 as the favorite. His betting odds to finish in the Top 5 are set at +160. Going back over his last five trips to Augusta, he has remained in the hunt each time with a finish of 10th or better.

Highest Value Masters’ Betting Options

When a tournament’s field is stacked with the best golfers in the world, it becomes much harder to predict how anyone golfer will finish in relation to all the other players aiming for the same exact prize. One of the best ways to find the best value in the posted odds is to concentrate your efforts on betting head-to-head matchups.

Betting Tips On Winning Wagers For The Masters

Normally, betting odds for matchups between two particular players are released later in the week ahead of the first round on Thursday. Odds will be posted for head-to-head matchups on a round-by-round basis as well as for final results over the course of all four days of regulation golf. The best aspect of these types of bets is that the player you bet on only has to play better than the other golfer they are pitted against.

Even if the player you bet on is not at the top of their game over 18 holes or the full 72 holes, they still have a chance to pay off is their opponent is playing worse.

Prop Bet Options for the 2019 Masters

The list of prop bet options for any Major continues to expand each and every year. The online sportsbooks know that action junkies are always looking for new ways to add even more excitement to the action on the course. 

Starting with a high-profile player such as Tiger Woods, you can bet on an entire list of props concerning his performance this week at Augusta. With the score set at 68.5, his odds to shoot under that number in at least one round are set at -130 (+100 for no). If you bet on Woods to birdie his first hole on Thursday and then go on to win the 2019 Masters, the return on a $100 bet is $5000.

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