Parlays, Teasers, the right bet for NFL Preseason?

Another year has gone by in a flash and the NFL is back! We would say “time flies when you're having fun” but time never flies during the NFL offseason. If you’re a diehard NFL gambler then you know what a slow grind the NBA, NHL, and MLB is. The good news, football is starting, and we want to share a couple of great ways in which to win some decent money on the preseason. 

Disciplined NFL gamblers do not spend much money on the preseason, however, it’s a mistake to bow out completely, there is value in the games early and late – anything can happen. Most online bookmakers set heavy limits on the preseason and this only protects you. Don’t worry about not being able to spend $500 per game, you should be handicapping the teams and not sweating a win or loss from the starting gate. 

NFL Preseason Betting Picks: Hall Of Fame Game

We realize that when betting the NFL, there are many ways in which to bet and frankly unless you’re an old betting pro, these options can be confusing. We have put together some friendly betting advice. Forget the NFL preseason advise from the “talking heads” of the industry. They are rarely correct in their assessments and even further, they are rarely correct in the regular season! Take a look at parlays and teasers and how they can help or hurt you in the preseason. 


Parlays are a great way to have some extra fun during a day’s events as well as an even better way to make some serious cash. The most important thing to remember when playing a parlay—it’s all or nothing. You must win them all, so the bigger the parlay, the more difficult it becomes to win every game. As a general rule, we suggest playing no more than three teams on any given parlay card.

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Think about this: On any given NFL preseason game day how many games can you win playing each team as a side bet? Meaning, you are playing one team either against the spread or against the money line. How many can you win? Can you win five games, three games, eight games? Think about this carefully. If you are reading this then you are most likely and experienced NFL gambler and you know the drill. You know how difficult it can be to hit multiple games on any given Sunday in the regular season. 

Parlay Strategy

Pick your best three games, the top three games that you would play as standalone bets, those are the teams that go on your preseason parlay card. With a bit of NFL handicapping, you can win big and usually your first time through the pick-list is the best option. Don’t second-guess yourself. Go with what you thought to be the best pick the moment you made the pick. Your gut instinct is usually right. Parlays are a lot of fun to play, even in the preseason and they are a lucrative way to earn a great deal of money to pad your bankroll for the regular season. 

How and Where To Find the Smart Money When Betting Sports


Teasers are a parlay without the risk of a parlay. When you want to bet on a team but you’re not sure what the outcome may be, then you must play a teaser. With a teaser, you are required to bet a minimum of two teams. The spread is exaggerated to give you an advantage. [Example: Teaser- Lions Vs. Bills (the game spread – Bills +3, Lions -3, O/U 38) (the teased spread – Bills +9, Lions +3, Total Under 44, Total Over 32)]  In this example you see the advantage on either side. This example is a 6-point teaser. The most common ways in which to play a teaser are 6-points, 6.5-points, and 7-points.

The reason that a teaser is less risky than that of a parlay is the spread which you are betting. You are receiving an advantage of either 6, 6.5 or 7 points. That’s a huge advantage and a great way to play the NFL preseason. Most of the games are sloppy and nobody has the perfect plan. We love parlays for one reason, they pay big. We love teasers because the probability of winning is much greater.

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