Pay Per Head Fees and the Services Bookies Get

You wanted to take your bookie business to the next level. The easiest and best way to do so was enlisting the help of a quality pay per head service.

With all of your administrative duties now taken care of, you were able to concentrate on building your player sheet. Your sportsbook is now running on all cylinders, all for a small per player fee.

Ever wonder what you get for those fees?


Typical Fees

A pay per head service like the ones found in our PPH Reviews offers its assistance in running your sportsbook for a small fee per player.

Typically, fees are in the $7 to $10 per player range. In most cases, the more players you bring to the table, the lower your per head fees. Don’t worry if you have a smaller group of players. These services can come up with a solution for you.


One of the biggest benefits for a bookie using a pay per head service is the ability to run the business from anywhere. Your per head fees allow you to operate wherever there is an internet connection. You will always have access to your account where you are in complete control. 

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Using pay per player software reduces the amount of paperwork necessary. There is no more chasing down players to collect or receive payments. It is all done through your very own customized website.

Odds, Odds & More Odds

A bookie using this type of service has access to betting odds from every sport around the globe.

Your bettors have access to these odds 24/7 and can place bets anytime. With more sports and more odds available, you have the potential for more wagers. In the end, that means more money earned.

On top of the wide array of betting options, your players will also have access to Online Casinos and a world-class Racebook.

Speaking of $$$

Price per head services allow bookies to keep more of their earnings.

Most online sportsbooks use a model called revenue splitting. You place the bets for all your players and the sportsbook takes roughly 60 to 80 percent of the profits. If your bettors lost $1,000 in a week, you might only earn $200 of it.

In the same example, a bookie that pays $10 for his ten players would pay out $100 to the sportsbook. He would keep $900 in profits. It’s easy to see why bookies should opt for the pay per head model.

Games & More

There is much more to running a successful bookie business than just wagering on sports. The best PPH services also offer online casino gambling and a free racebook. Players can choose from a number of virtual or live casino games or they can choose to bet the horses at tracks all over the world.

With so much to offer, you give off the illusion of being this huge operation. Plus, the ability to offer casino games and a racebook in addition to traditional sports betting translates into the opportunity to make more money.

More Benefits

Satisfied and successful bookies use pay per head software because it simply offers so many benefits. In addition to the flexibility it allows, the greater profits, and the wide variety of betting options available; a top PPH service will offer a turnkey solution for the modern bookie.

For your fees, you are getting:

►A state-of-the-art website.

►It’s mobile friendly and offers players access 24/7.

►Players also have 24/7 support.

►No longer does the bookie have to take the 2:00 a.m. phone call.

►All player reports are available online for the bookie in this fully automated system.

With so many benefits, it’s hard to believe a bookie would run his business any other way.