Pay Per Head Gets Bookies Ready for Golf’s Next Major

Tiger Wood’s incredible victory in last month’s Masters at Augusta National in this season’s first Major has lit a fire under sports fans when it comes to a renewed interest in betting on professional golf’s top four events of the year.

With the US Open scheduled for mid-June, most bettors probably have golf on the backburner right now. What they probably do not realize is that the next Major is only a week away now that the PGA Championship has been moved up from early August to mid-May. 

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This year’s PGA Championship will be held at Bethpage Black in Long Island, New York. First round action gets underway on Thursday, May 16 right through the final round on Sunday, May 19. 

It is your job as a private bookie to get the word out to your entire sports betting customer base that you will have a full board of betting options for this event. It is up to your pay per head online sports betting software provider to get you all the betting lines you need when you need them.

Betting on an outright winner for any professional golf tournament might be the most common bet you take action on, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the ways someone can bet on golf. By expanding your board with betting odds for a Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 finish, you can balance things out with some highly profitable options. You should also offer a full list of golf props as well as betting odds for head-to-head matchups between the top players on the board.

Deciding A Book

Woods’ recent win at Augusta resulted in a substantial loss for the bookmaking industry as a whole. It stands to reason that he will garner some heavy action for the PGA Championship as an early +800 favorite. If you personally took a beating in this year’s Masters, this next Major is a chance to recoup your losses. Even if things get lopsided again with money coming in on Woods, your price per head shop should offer a layoff account to balance things out if the possible negative exposure gets too high.

The reality of the situation still dictates that the bookmakers will have the upper hand this time around. The betting odds that Woods’ win at the Masters will be his only victory of the season in a Major have been set at -350. Heavily promoting the +5000 odds that he wins the Grand Slam or even the +1200 odds that he wins three Majors this season can also help to even out the money coming in on his odds to win this next Major.

Another good way to build some additional excitement for betting on the PGA Championship is by ramping up your marketing efforts to promote this week’s ATT&T Byron Nelson at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas. This tournament is rather popular in its own right, so the betting interest is already there. 

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Many of the top golfers might be skipping this year’s event to prepare for the PGA, but you still have Brooks Koepka at the top of the board as a +700 favorite along with Hideki Matsuyama (+1800), Jordan Spieth (+2000) and Henrick Stenson (+2500) as some of the biggest names on the list. The fact that Koepka won last year’s PGA Championship should help add more interest to this week’s event.

Golf betting may be much farther down the list when it comes to the action your independent sportsbook brings in, but every private bookie should jump at the chance to make some added profit when opportunities such as this present themselves.

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