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As Vegas gets better at its job the house gets richer and the sports gambler gets poorer! This past gambling year has been a fun one but it has been marginal. Vegas, (and when we say “Vegas” we mean the gambling industry) has found out what it takes to win. Now don’t misunderstand. The bookies have been winning for a very long time or there wouldn’t be a gambling industry. The house must win, this is the rule, (sarcasm). Really, it does seem that the gambling industry was built for the house and not the gambler. Maybe we should examine this more carefully, after all, there are fantastic sportsbooks across the internet and they offer every possible way to gamble on sports. The options are endless and one would think that the average player would have a handle on how to beat the bookies-how to beat Vegas. It’s not happening. The bookies keep winning and they keep padding their pockets. 

Gamblers are jumping ship, they are crossing over and becoming bookies. The pay per head industry has opened the door for pretty much anyone that knows a few people that enjoy gambling, to become a bookmaker. Think about this; you are a gambler and you love it, you love sports gambling but you can’t stand losing. You probably know people just like yourself and you most likely have friends that already gamble online. Why not become the man, why should you keep toiling with what handicapping teams, players and conditions to simply break even at best? 

What is a pay per head?

A pay per head is an all-inclusive, turnkey ready online sportsbook, casino, and racebook. It is a readymade operation that can be up and running in as little as a day. If you have ever dreamed of being a bookie but thought it was unattainable or that you needed a huge bankroll, that’s a misnomer. You can be a bookie and it doesn’t matter how few players you have. You can start out with a handful or 900 players. 

How does a pay per head work?

A pay per head is an online sportsbook just like the ones that you most likely gamble with now. You are probably doing business with a pay per head and possibly don’t even know it. At least half of the online sportsbooks today are operated under the blanket of a pay per head. 

Advantages of a pay per head:

•    You are the boss, this is your sportsbook and you call the shots.
•    100% tech support. You do not need any special training or be qualified. The qualifications required is an interest in online sports gambling and you already have a great idea of lines, odds and the layout of an online bookie site. The even better news, you do not have to deal with lines and odds, the pay per head provider does all of this homework for you. 
•    Fantastic client support along with the same quality support for you the bookmaker.
•    Reports; the provider does any and all reports, such as cash in, cash out, pending wagers, lost wagers and even grading tickets. There isn’t much your pay per head provider won’t do. They literally do it all for you. You are set up with a wagering platform that appeals to the masses and you will always get the best lines and odds for your players. 
•    Low cost. The price of doing business with a reputable pay per head service is around $10 per week. 

If you have ever thought of opening up a pay per head, then why are you waiting? The support is real and the players are real and LeBron is a 17 foot Marley. The remainder of this season will go by quickly. Stop running all over the place to collect or deliver handwritten messages. 

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