Pay Per Head Training Camp for Private Bookies

All 32 NFL teams and every college football team in the nation is busy preparing for a new season of games at their training camp. As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook, are you taking the right steps to prepare for another season of betting on the games?

Plans for an Existing Customer Base

Planning is just as important as execution when it comes to running your own book. Plans need to be in place to fully engage your current sports betting customer base. Some of these bettors may have taken the summer off. Some may be tempted to turn to bigger commercial online betting sites for the upcoming football season. Some may be looking for more betting options than you currently offer, such as live in-game wagers.

Online Casino! An Easy Way to Make Money as a Bookie

Whatever the case may be, you need a plan that addresses all of these concerns. You also need the right pay per head bookie software solutions provider than can help you put this plan into action. The big commercial online sportsbooks are busy offering lucrative welcome bonus offers, cash contests and other promotional means to lock up as many betting customers as possible. Your biggest edge against the biggest competition is the elevated level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big books could never match.

Selling your bookmaking service is all about attaching corresponding benefits to the service features you offer. A fully functional mobile betting platform is a feature. The fact that your pay per head provider guarantees zero online downtime is the benefit. To put things in a classic marketing perspective, the feature is the steak, the benefit is the sizzle.

You need to quickly reengage your entire customer base, either active or inactive, to promote what your bookie service is bringing to the table this football season.

Plans to Grow Your Customer Base

Any business that stands still long enough will eventually start to slip backwards. This creates the need to consistently expand your customer base with sports bettors that fit your business model. 

You should develop a growth plan that properly targets the type of sports bettors you prefer to work with. One of the best aspects of being a private bookie is the ability to hand-pick your customer base. High rollers add both high risk and high reward. If you decide to market your services in this direction, you need to have the financial means to more than cover any daily or weekly action coming in.

If you decide to tailor your marketing plans to more causal recreational bettors, you need a revenue base that is big enough to support your weekly and monthly financial goals. More bettors wagering smaller amounts will also drive up your weekly pay per head fees, so everything needs to be taken into account with this approach to growing your business.

Live Betting: A must on your Arsenal as a Bookie

The best sports betting customer base is the proper blend of casual bettors and action junkies. You can develop specific account profiles complete with betting and credit limits for each of your customers as a means of control. A quality pay per head bookie software package can also provide real-time business analytics that can help you properly manage your entire customer base.

Enhance Opportunities While Reducing Issues

Proper planning combined with proper execution will make this football season one of the best you have ever had. More and more people are looking to add some betting action to the actual action on the field. This means the available pool of customers is as deep as ever.

Private bookies still take in the lion’s share of the revenue generated by sports betting in the US. This opens the door to enhanced opportunities from a bottom-line profit standpoint. Working with a quality pay per head provider helps to reduce any issues inherent to the sports betting industry.