Pelican Caters to Your Bookie Customer Base

There are literally hundreds of pay per head sites to choose from when it comes to private bookie software solutions. Taking your bookie business online is a big step, so finding the right pay per head site becomes an extremely important decision.

A number of price per head shops only cater to independent bookmakers with a low weekly fee based on a large customer base. Another way to get a very low per head price is by running a bookie business with a number of sub-agents.

While the overall private bookmaking industry still generates the lion’s share of sports betting revenue in the US sports betting industry, actual private bookie operations come in all shapes and sizes. You need a PPH service that is willing to cater to your particular needs no matter how big or small your client base may be.

Even if you only have a handful of bettors using your bookie services, Pelican Pay Per Head offers an online sports betting software solutions package that does meet all of your needs.

They are not concerned with how many active betting customers you are working with. They built their top-rated reputation in the online sports betting industry through excellent products and excellent customer service.

Pelican’s Best Prices Equals The Best Value

Many private bookies make the mistake of shopping for a pay per head site on price alone. The result is a cut-rate price paying for cut-rate services. Reliability and security can become issues with their operating systems and their software solutions do not offer all the tools you need.

While Pelican Per Head does advertise the best per head prices regardless of a the size of your bookie’s customer’s base, they back it up with value-added features such as:

  1. Sharp Lines for More Than 30 Major Sports
  2. An Advanced Mobile Betting Application
  3. Real Time Player Profile Reports
  4. Instant Editing for Moving Lines
  5. Bookie Agent Business Support

There are just a few ways how Pelican adds value to an already low weekly per head fee for active betting customers. This is a pay per head service that can help you grow and expand your customer base while also growing and expanding your bottom-line profit.

Pelican’s Customized Bookie Services

Another trait of a cut-rate pay per head site is taking a cookie-cutter approach to the products and services they offer. You cannot take a ‘one size fits all’ attitude when it comes to the necessary bookie software solutions needed to successfully run and manage your own independent bookmaking operation.

There needs to be a certain level of customization that can formulate a bookie services plan that caters to your specific business needs. By working with your designated Pelican PPH account manager, you can ensure that you will have all the options available for your individual business needs.


Getting what you paid for means not paying extra for things you really do not need. As mentioned, you bookie business can grow to a level you only ever dreamed about with Pelican right by your side the entire way.

Another very important aspect of customizing your business plans with Pelican’s bookie services is individual profit centers within that business.

From sports betting to a racebook for horses and an online casino, you will have access to online betting applications that can create multiple revenue streams. They can also help you run betting pools, parlay cards and bracket contests for major sporting events.

All of these money making options are designed to help you meet and exceed the financial goals you have set for your bookie business.