Poker statistics vs. Predictions and odds

Betting has been around since the dawn of time. The earliest evidence of dice play dates back to 3000 BC. So it shouldn’t be surprising that most people today have placed a bet on the outcome of some event. Twenty years ago, when the first online casinos were launched, the industry reinvented itself, and today, gambling is, in a word, huge.

If you browse online gambling sites, you have probably seen that almost all these companies offer a complete game portfolio with different options that usually include:

  • Sports Betting
  • Any betting (politics, weather, etc.)
  • Online poker
  • Casino games

Why are betting sites doing this? In short, because gamblers like to bet and the more options they have the more they will wager . After hitting a great result with your favorite team, there is a good chance that you may want to try your luck with other games.

Modern bookmakers: Comprehensive game offer

This is why casino and poker games came in the picture. It's all designed to make you stay longer and of course, keep the money with the house.

  • Casino games: the house always wins in the long term, as the odds are on their side;
  • Sports betting: you can "beat" the house using a great strategy and, of course, having a little luck;
  • Poker: it is a game of skill; in the long run, the best players will come out on top.

The worst decision you can make is to head to the casino. The odds are against you, and unless you just want to have fun and try your luck, you should avoid these games. But, when it comes to poker, the situation is different.

There is nothing wrong with visiting casino games and placing some bets as long as you know the differences between each offer.

Poker statistics or odds?

Like sports betting where trends can be identified in your favor, poker statistics can be applied to improve your game. When you join a poker room that also offers sports betting, let's say, for example, 888Poker, you can check your game history as if you were checking the players and the latest results of your favorite team before placing a bet.

Making predictions and ?studying odds?, or following tipsters is the equivalent of importing your hand history into a poker tracker or attending a coach's lesson.

What statistics can you analyze in poker? First of all, you need a good database for the statistics to be useful. Then the specialized software will take all the data and give you valuable information:

  • Leaks in your game
  • Overall results (considering fees, profits)
  • Game trends

As you can see, poker statistics are similar to those used in sports betting. Of course with poker, you can improve your own game by identifying and fixing your weak spot, while in the second, you can use these statistics to decide what bet to make.

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Today, bookmakers and casinos have evolved to offer many attractive games. You can bet on any sport, play a poker tournament, and spin a roulette wheel, all in the same place.

For fans, this is a great environment as they can easily switch from one game to another.

For professional bettors or poker players, who analyze statistics, odds, and continually study to improve their game, this is also a good opportunity to increase their profit or lessen the effects of downswing at the tables by making additional bets.

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