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If you consider yourself to be a professional bookmaker, then you need a professional bookie services provider by your side.

All it takes is one visit to to find a pay per head site that has the look and feel of a highly professional operation. Best of all, everything this site has to offer comes with a low, weekly per head fee for just your active betting customers. Internal Operations

With more than 20 years’ experience in both the sports betting industry and online gambling software solutions, is an industry pioneer that has set the standard for excellence in professional bookie services.

This site offers a sports betting management system that is both comprehensive in its makeup and turnkey in its application. As a private bookie, you can count on this system to effectively handle the online day to day operation of your bookmaking business.


PayPerHead® Sports Betting Software - The Basics


This system offers a high level of reliability coupled with online security. Keeping your business up and running online every hour of every day of the year is a top priority. Completing every online transaction in a safe and secure manner is also high on that list.

Reliability and security should be a given for any pay per head site. Yet, very few sites offer the guarantees that does. They are also showing their commitment to customer service through these tough times. They remain free of charge during the major sports shutdown. This internal operating system would rival what the biggest commercial offshore sportsbooks are using to power their online operations. External Services

Now that you know your bookie business will be running smooth every day of the week all year long, you can focus more of your time on growing and expanding your customer base while also growing and expanding your financial bottom line.

The service end of this price per head package is second to none. While most other sites are still relying on generic solutions to help bookie agents, has made the necessary investments to develop proprietary bookie solutions that can and do move the dial from an overall profit standpoint.

This short list of proprietary professional bookie services include:

> TruLive  Wagering 

> Real Time Betting Alerts

> International Betting Action

> Professional SharpCheck Service

> Agent Payment Solutions (APS)

These are just a few of the ways that separates itself from the rest of the pack. Fast and sharp betting lines are just part of the plan. You will always have the ability to make instant changes to your betting board as well as move your betting lines.

Real time business analytics covering the daily and weekly action coming in will always keep you in complete control. It is far more profitable to take advantage of opportunities up front. Nobody enjoys dealing with issues after the fact.

The site’s SharpCheck Service is another way to control the action taken it. This helps you make smart decisions concerning which sports bettors you choose to do business with.’s APS is a system that was designed to aid collections and payouts. Options such as credit cards, MoneyGram and digital currency can speed up the financial aspects of your bookie business. This system also creates a steady flow of cash while enhancing bottom-line profit.

Everything offers comes with a professional touch. This bookie service fully understands what it takes to run and manage a successful bookie operation. It also remains committed to doing everything it can to help you exceed even the highest expectations you may have.