Real Bookies PPH Betting Lines for College Bowls

The board has been set for this year’s extended college bowl season in college football. With 40+ games on the schedule, this is an excellent stand-alone profit center for private bookies using a quality PPH service like Real Bookies.

Whether you cleaned up in the regular season or took it on the chin, the next few weeks offers a chance to end the year on a strong note with eight more bowl games spilling over into the New Year.

Real Bookies Bowl Season Opening Betting Lines

The unique aspect of college bowls from a betting standpoint is the extended time frame between betting lines first being released and the games being played.

Betting lines were on the board as early as Sunday, December 8th and the first bowl games are not until Friday, December 20th. 

The two college football playoff semifinal showdowns will be played on Saturday, Dec. 28th, which is 20 days after the lines were first released.

The SEC’s LSU Tigers were opened as 13-point favorites against the Big 12’s Oklahoma Sooners. The other semifinal pits the ACC’s Clemson Tigers as slight two-point favorites against the Big Ten’s Ohio State Buckeyes. See the Scores and Odds for every NCAAF bowl game.

These should be two of the more heavily bet games by your sports betting base.

There is also some great matchups on the board that should attract quite a bit of attention from your college football bettors. This most important task early in December is to make sure your bowl season betting board opened with sharp lines.

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Working closely with Real Bookies as your online sports betting software provider, you need to carefully monitor the opening lines for all the games. You should also pay close attention to any early money coming in.



Getting a good feel for how your customers bet college football all season long should provide some valuable clues as to how they will bet the bowl games.

Bowl Season Betting Line Movements

Quite a bit line movement can and will take place given the extended length of time these games will be on the board. Some of your customers may be tracking early movement on a national level looking for clues to how the general public is reacting to the early odds.

Line movements of more than a point or two should raise an immediate red flag that sharp money may be driving that change.

This could signal a need to move your lines as well.

Whether you only react to the early money coming into your book or factor in the overall industry movements, you already have the necessary top pay per head software tools to instantly edit your betting lines across the board. Time is money in the bookmaking game and waiting too long to make a move could cause some unwanted negative exposure on a high profile game.

With Real Bookies, you also have the right tools for player management on an account by account basis. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust individual betting and credit limits.

Bowl Season Overall Betting Board

The biggest way Real Bookies can help you make the most out of bowl season is with expanded betting options for the games.


Diversifying your board with moneyline odds, parlay boosters and prop bet options for all the games is a great way to take the pressure off all the straight bet action on the biggest games.

You would much rather have the money spread out across a number of betting options than be lumped into just spreads and totals. This is the best way to enhance your overall college bowl season hold percentage.