Run a Full Service Racebook With Ace Per Head

Success as a private bookie is tied to creating multiple streams of revenue. Sports may still be the backbone of that bookie business, but a racebook for horse racing can boost weekly cash flow and bottom-line profits on a year round basis.

Putting some extra time and effort into building a regular horse betting cliental is one of the best ways to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity.

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The best way to build any extra business is with Ace Per Head as your bookie services provider. Coming up on 25 years in the pay per head industry, Ace has become a proven entity among a crowded field.

Racebook Development a Priority With Ace

While every pay per head company is filled with promises over what they can provide, this is one PPH service that knows how to deliver.

Along with all the business tools needed to run and manage a successful sportsbook, the Ace Per Head Racebook platform has been a priority. Ace has developed the proper software solutions to run a professional online betting site for horse racing.

Your racebook can offer fast and easy access to every racetrack in North America along the most popular racing venues in international hot spots such as the UK, Japan, Australia and Dubai.

Fully Customizable Individual Track Betting Options

If a track is running a daily card, your customer will be able to bet all of the races on that card. Through your Ace Per Head custom website, horse bettors can use the daily menu of live tracks to find exactly what they are looking for. On the left hand side of your racebook homepage there will be a complete listing of all that day’s action.

By clicking onto any selected track, the complete daily card will appear starting with Race 1. All the entries for the opening race are listed along with their morning line odds.

The betting menu is the same as the one at the live track.

You have the option to offer the full compliment of betting options as listed on the track’s opening screen or you can use an edit option to create a customized menu of the betting options you want to offer.


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This is the type of flexibility Ace builds into every betting menu.

They provide the maximum options possible. Yet, you will always have complete control over the options your customers are able to wager on.


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Standard and Exotic Betting Options

When it comes to horse racing, there are standard win-place-show bets as well as a list of exotics from an exacta and trifecta to daily doubles and pick 3 wagers. Each bet is listed on the race menu to make them easy to find.

Ace Per Head also offers the option to set your own betting limits for each different betting option.

These can be set across the board or on an individual account basis.

This lets you control the action by any means you choose.

Everything a bettor would find at a live track or off-track betting site can be completely replicated at your online racebook.

The added benefit of tying everything together in one online betting account gives the private bookie the added edge over the competition. Ace has designed a seamless approach to all the online gambling options you offer. Activity reports track all the action with access to real time data on an ongoing basis.

Right now, private bookmakers can get up to six weeks free of charge to test drive everything Ace Per Head has to offer. This remains one of the best opportunities in the pay per head industry when it comes to finding the best value in bookie services.