Safeguarding Online Data with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

By Dave Schwab

One of the biggest concerns of any business these days is safeguarding data that is routinely transferred through online transactions. Cyber theft remains a serious issue and given the nature of the transactions inherent to the Internet sports betting industry it remains a top priority for both independent sports bookmakers and the Pay Per Head bookie software providers they rely on to run the day-to-day administrative end of the business.

Most of today’s top Pay Per Head sites have gone to great lengths to add a number of security measures to their sportsbook management software packages. This ensures that every online transaction is processed in a safe and secure manner. They have also done a very good job at building a very high level of redundancy across their entire database to protect their operating systems as well as keeping them up and running on a regular basis.

Security and discretion are also high on the list for online sports bettors and by partnering with one of the top price per head services to run your bookie business online, you now have a significant edge against your competition. Along with the added level of customer service and personal attention to detail, you can add this heightened level of security and discretion to the features and benefits that your private bookmaking service can bring to the table.

Today’s advanced online sports betting technology is designed to help level the playing field between the private bookie and the big online sportsbooks that you are constantly competing against for a sports bettor’s attention. If you can match the big books in the area of online sports betting software, the point of difference you can provide from a customer service standpoint gives you the competitive edge.

The key to making the most of this edge is to integrate it into your marketing efforts. Make sure that every one of your current players understand just how safe and secure your bookie software really is and by all means use this as one of your top selling points when marketing your services to prospective customers.

A big part of building and growing your bookmaking operation into a long-term money making venture is developing a highly professional online presence. The majority of today’s sports bets are placed online and this trend is only going to grow stronger in years to come. Hand held mobile devices dominate the sports betting landscape now and as this technology continues to evolve you need a Pay Per Head provider that is forward thinking enough to keep the private bookie way out ahead of the curve. It is always better to act on an opportunity as opposed to having to react to a situation.

A customized website is more than just a portal for placing bets. It is your company’s biggest marketing tool when it comes to promoting your services. Behind the scenes are issues such as data security and database redundancy and front and center are some of the bells and whistles that work to level the playing field with the big offshore books and their million dollar websites.

It is amazing what the top PPH services can offer when it comes to building and maintaining a first class website these days. Best of all, this added benefit is usually part of the low, weekly price per head fee you pay for your active betting customers. You could never duplicate this on your own given the prohibitive start-up cost and it will constantly be updated at no extra charge.

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