Shopping Online Sportsbooks for NFL Draft Futures and Props

By Dave Schwab

Over the past several years, the NFL Draft has taken on a life of its own with both fans and bettors and this year’s edition in Philadelphia from April 27 through April 29 could be one of the most exciting installments in recent memory.

It is still anyone’s guess what Cleveland will do with the first overall pick in Thursday night’s opening round and with such a deep class of talent in a number of different skill positions, the excitement and drama should spill over all the way into Saturday’s later rounds.

Just like anything else NFL these days, betting opportunities for this year’s draft continue to be expanded through any number of futures and prop bet options. While some of the standard betting props such as ‘How many quarterbacks will be chosen in the first round?” may be duplicated from one online sportsbook to the next, more and more we are finding an incredible amount of diversity from one book to the next when it comes to their actual offerings.

Variety when it comes to NFL Draft betting opportunities simply means that it is now far easier to find some great value in the actual betting odds. The more betting options that you have to choose from, the higher your chances become to actually cash in on a few timely placed bets.

Capitalizing on the NFL Draft will take some extra time and energy on your part and it can be well worth the added effort when it comes to building your overall sports betting bankroll. The best starting point is to focus your search with the top two or three online sportsbooks where you already have a betting account in place. This makes it very easy to jump on a prop bet when they are first released. Betting odds of this nature have a tendency to quickly change or even disappear if the book ends up taking in too much action on one side verse the other. Even if the prop remains on their board, the value will be diminished if the numbers begin to shift away from your favor.

Checking these top few sites early and often is the best betting strategy when it comes to maximizing the value in the numbers. Another way to try and cash in on draft futures and props is to expand your search to additional online books that have gained the reputation for offering a very wide array of betting opportunities for special events such as this. You will be amazed at what is out there once you take the time to do a thorough search of any number of online betting sites offering action for the NFL Draft.

You should always create an actual allocation of funds up front before you start placing any bets. If you are a big NFL fan and a draft junkie, it is easy to get carried away with your bets given the expanded variety of options that are now so readily available. The best betting strategy is to zero-in on a couple of props that offer the best value after properly handicapping the posted odds.

There are 32 NFL teams and in all honesty they are not even sure what they are going to do with their first round picks when the draft does get underway on April 27.  Betting on the draft does entail a certain amount of guesswork, but with a wealth of information at your fingertips, you should be able to come up with two or three solid deductions that can pay off at your designated online sportsbook betting window.

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